Plan A Secret Getaway To The World'S Most Exclusive Private Destinations


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To truly depart from the things that cause a longing for departure in the first place, one must surround themselves with vistas that feel as far away as possible. For many, this is found in the endless blue of a tranquil ocean or quiet snowcapped mountains, spangled with dark pine trees. A departure to such a destination is the ultimate vacation, well deserved and long anticipated, and no matter your preferred clime, our list of the most secluded, private vacation destinations around the world is sure to enchant you.
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Lake Cuomo, Italy
Located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, this 56-square-mile stretch is resplendent with five star dining options, pristine churches, grand villas, and charming towns. Tour the area by boat to see the brightly hued shoreline and lavish lakeside estates. Alternatively, go by foot to visit small villages and revel in the region’s medieval heritage.
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Bonaire, Netherlands
Get lost in sprawling desert-like hills that are speckled with gem-bright lizards and a turquoise shore rich with marine life on Bonaire. This small island is also a scuba diver’s dream with pink sand beaches to slip off of and a world of colorful sea creatures to swim with. While the luxury resorts allow for ultimate relaxation and quality service, they are simple, private, and rarely reviewed in the media for the sake of privacy, making this one of the world’s most luxurious and best kept secrets.
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Koh Samui, Thailand
Ko Samui floats tranquilly between Indonesia and Indochina, just off the coast of Thailand. It’s a tropical gem with palm-lined beaches, small bamboo villages, an abundant rainforest, and rich cultural merriment. Explore the gilded Buddhist temples and hidden waterfalls tucked amidst this cerulean surrounded paradise.
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Song Saa, Cambodia
Song Saa is a short drift away from Cambodia’s more popular isles. The small private island offers the ultimate in privacy and isolation. Beyond the quaint fishing villages nearby, your only local companions will be the stunning wildlife and vibrant rainforest. The resort features stilted villas atop pristine waters with private terraces and small personal pools. Enjoy a guaranteed far-away feeling for the entirety of your stay.
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Gstaad, Switzerland
Gstaad is an upscale ski town in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps. Dotted with boutique hotels, and quiet trails, this lesser-known alternative to St. Moritz is an old world idyll for slope aficionados. Enjoy all the same luxuries and breathtaking scenery sans a posh and crowded scene.

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