Reignite Your Love Of Travel With Tom Craig In Venice


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Tom Craig's ability to achieve transcendence through both still and moving film has gained him accolades in high fashion and beyond. In addition to shooting portraits and fashion campaigns for some of the most well-known luxury brands and celebrities of the modern age, he has used his remarkable talents as a photographer, director, and filmmaker to collaborate with Nobel Peace Prize and Academy Award-winners on projects around the world. Now, look through Tom Craig's camera lens and experience his inspired take on the magic and mystery of Venice, exclusively for DFS.

What did you find most alluring and inspiring about Venice? 
Oddly it makes me feel like I have gone back in time. I try to block out all the modernity and imagine I am a Venetian in the 17th century.

What excited you the most about this campaign?
I loved the idea of going to make a film about "how a place feels." It’s a privilege to be in Venice and a blessing to have such creative freedom.

Do your global travels influence your creative work?
My work and my travels have never been divided. I was lucky to have a good education, go to a good university, and live in a family interested in literature, art, and cinema, but for me traveling has taught me the most.

What does travel mean to you?
Ultimately, travel is a great reminder that, on the whole, people are good and the earth is amazing.

What was one thing that surprised you upon your arrival in Venice?
Seeing a Gondolier fall into the Grand Canal.

Describe the spirit of Venice to someone who has never been there before.
It’s like opening up the back of a pocket watch and falling in.

What are the biggest differences between shooting live film and taking photographs? Does one medium do a city like Venice more justice than the other?
Film helps to combine sound and images which are both rich in Venice. Next time, we will go back for the smells too.

What elements of Venice did you most want to capture while shooting this campaign?
I think memories are the distillation of experience. I liked the idea of making a film that felt like a memory.

What was it was like to shoot the travels of two different people in one campaign?
Twice as good.

Did you learn anything exceptionally interesting or intriguing about the city during shooting?
I learned there hasn’t been a murder in Venice for 10 years.

Where in Venice would you suggest a visitor go to take amazing photos?
Honestly, the roof of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi is the finest view of Venice I have ever seen.

What is the most important thing you’ll be bringing back with you from Venice?
This film, for sure.

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