T Galleria By DFS Fall/winter 2015 Campaign | Bill Gentle Ft. Tag Heuer


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From his home in Brooklyn, New York to his native London and beyond, photographer and model Bill Gentle goes where few people are allowed to—inside the private spaces of some of today's most intriguing artists, designers and arbiters of cool. As the astute lensmen behind the influential style blog “Backyard Bill,” his work has also been widely published in GQ and T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Here, in an exclusive interview with T Galleria by DFS, the latest star of our Fall/Winter 2015 campaign shares his thoughts on travel, his personal packing list and his idea of the perfect vacation.

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T stands for travel. What does travel mean to you?
To me, travel means time away from home, near or far.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?
My bike. I love riding around New York City. Whether at home or abroad, it’s a great way to get to know a place.

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Tell us about your latest adventure.
I went to L.A. and spent time in Venice and Topanga hanging out with family, surfing, shopping and eating lots of BBQ. Anything meaty, I love. I also met a lot of interesting people there and brought back Heath Ceramics and a sewing box from Tortoise for my wife.

What was the last thing you discovered during one of your trips? 
The last thing I discovered during my travels was great wine in Napa Valley.

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The seat-belt sign just dimmed and you’re settling in for a long flight. How do you pass the time? 
As soon as I’m settled in, I listen to a podcast or play a movie.

Describe your travel uniform.
My travel uniform consists of a baseball cap, jeans, brown suede boots, my iPhone and a backpack because it's comfortable.

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What do you pack first? 
I always pack all my chargers first. Then it’s my boots, trainers and sunnies.

What do you always forget to pack?
For some reason though, I always forget to pack socks.

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What is your #1 travel tip?
Get upgraded.

What is the most inspiring journey you’ve taken and how has it changed you? 
The most inspiring journey I’ve taken took me to New York City and led me to my wife.

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Is there a souvenir you treasure most from all your travels?
I’m still looking for that special one.

What do you always pick up at the duty free?
I pick up grooming products because I always forget mine at the hotel.

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Describe the most beautiful place you have visited. 
The most beautiful place in the world is New York City. Even though I live there, I can never get tired of the city.

Describe your perfect vacation.
My perfect vacation would be spent half the time in the city and the other half on the beach.

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What destination is next on your list?
Japan because it is the mecca of style and design. I have always wanted to go there, but I haven't been able to yet. Hopefully, soon.

How do you record your travels around the world?
I take pictures. Lots of them.

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T Galleria by DFS Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign Credits

Photographer & Director: Lacey
Illustrator: Cassandre Montoriol
Stylist: Anne Christensen
Hair Stylist: Tamara McNaughton
Makeup Artist: Lisa Houghton