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A favorite on the red carpet and the front row, Chinese leading actress Ni Ni made her debut in acclaimed director Zhang Yimou's historical drama "The Flowers of War," which earned her the Asian Film Award for Best Newcomer and the Shanghai Film Critics Award for Best Actress. When not on location for her latest feature film or television show, the Nanjing-native can be found in the pages of China’s top fashion magazines. Here, in an exclusive interview with T Galleria by DFS, the latest star of our Fall/Winter 2015 campaign shares her thoughts on travel, her latest discoveries and the next destination on her list.

T stands for travel. What does travel mean to you?
To me, travel means exploring the world with my eyes wide open and embracing the journey for everything it has to offer and teach me.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?
I’ve always wanted to travel by train and see the world speed past me from my window. I imagine the ride, with its rhythms and beautiful landscapes, to be very relaxing.

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Tell us about your latest adventure.
My last vacation took me to Thailand. During the day, I would lounge on the beach or get a massage. Then, at night, I would try out the seafood at the night markets near my hotel or head to a local bar to share stories over drinks with friends and colleagues. I like to try everything at least once, especially food that I would not normally come across at home.

What is the best way to explore a new place?
One of my favorite memories from Thailand was quite spontaneous. I love letting my hair down and having a carefree time, so I decided to explore my neighborhood on a rented moped. During my ride, I came across a boxing hall. And, there and then, I signed up for a one-hour class and got a great workout. I also really enjoyed exploring the country's many historical and cultural sites. I stumbled across an old temple by surprise that had a door made entirely out of brownish-red rocks covered in a shroud of foliage. Its mysterious beauty was so captivating to look at. I will never forget it.

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The seat-belt sign just dimmed and you’re settling in for a long flight. How do you pass the time? 
The first thing I pack is always a good book because it keeps me entertained, especially on long flights. Sometimes, I also watch a film, play a game, or simply take a nap.

Describe your travel uniform.
I travel in jeans and sneakers. Jeans are my favorite because they’re comfortable and easy to coordinate with other pieces of clothing that I pack. Comfortable sneakers are a must because I often walk and explore for long periods of time.

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What is the most challenging thing about traveling?
When faced with a lot of choices, I find it difficult to decide where to go and what to do. This can be frustrating at times because so may destinations today offer so many options. It's hard to see everything during one trip. This is why I sometimes like to plan and prepare a list of places before I travel. Otherwise, I might miss something I will regret later.

Describe your idea of the perfect vacation.
I am still in pursuit of "the perfect vacation." I look forward to it and I’ll let you know when I find it.

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What do you always pick up at the duty free?
I always pick up beauty essentials at the duty free, especially facial masks. I can never have enough.

What destination is next on your list?
I would like to go to the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Everyone I know who has been there has told me what a stunning place it is, especially during the animal migration season. I think I would really enjoy getting close to nature, sleeping in a tent and watching the sun rise and set before me day in and day out. Simply thinking about the experience gets me excited.

How do you record your travels around the world?
I record my travels around the world through the photos and videos I capture. Together, they form my travel diary.

Global Ni-Ni---Personal-Travel-Photo---5.jpg

T Galleria by DFS Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign Credits
Photographer & Director: Lacey
Illustrator: Cassandre Montoriol
Stylist: Anne Christensen
Hair & Makeup: Chun Nan