The World Traveler’s Must-attend Global Festivities


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There are few things that bring together the global community quite like a party. Whether for a whimsical light celebration, an immersive art festival or the quieter meditative retreat, the internationally minded rejoice in unconventional storytelling. 

These celebrations, paired with the unique vibrancy of their locales, make for culturally rich experiences. Here are five travel-worthy events to venture to this season.

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1. Art Basel | Hong Kong, China | March 23-25, 2017
Art Basel is a coming together of the world’s premier galleries with their patrons and appreciators. Hong Kong is the newest outpost of the contemporary art endeavor, which now boasts more than 40 years of showcasing the world’s most revered artwork. Beyond the groundbreaking art itself, the festival offers parties, panel discussions, dinners and dances to celebrate.
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2. Lantern Festival | Auckland, New Zealand | February 9-12, 2017
The Auckland Lantern Festival is a fantastic display of lanterns, handmade in Zigong, China, glowing whimsically in the New Zealand night. The lantern tradition dates back to China’s Han Dynasty, and is celebrated in New Zealand to honor the strong relationship between the two countries. Hundreds of craft and culinary vendors line the roads, which are lit by lanterns and alive with music and theater. The celebration is visually magical and rich with historical reverence. 
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3. Venerable di Venetia | Venice, Italy | February 18-28, 2017

As the lethargy of winter peels away, Venice grows livelier during the Carnival days. The city streets begin to bustle with masked merrymakers reliving the 18th-Century Venetian party prime of extravagant dancing, elaborate swanking and indulgent laughter. There are plenty of parties. They start in streets and St. Mark’s Square, and end lavishly at ticketed affairs.  
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4. Pow! Wow! | Honolulu, Hawaii | February 4 – 13, 2017
“Pow Wow,” is a Native American term that describes a gathering, which celebrates culture, music and art. It is also, appropriately, the name of a weeklong event in Hawaii, which brings together a global network of high profile artists and galleries. In typical festival fashion there are art shows, lecture series, concerts, mural projects, and music. While the festival has since branched out to other locations, Honolulu is its original home. 
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5. Spirit Festival | Bali, Indonesia | March 19th - 26th, 2017
Thousands of festival-goers from around the globe descend on Balinese ground to “Ohm” in unison. This annual yoga festival is a celebration of the harmonious meeting of east and west through art, dance, music and colorful performances. There are health food bazaars and local organic food stands to enjoy with a lineup of international poetry, performance and yoga. 
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