The Arrival: His Getaway Essentials

The Arrival: His Getaway Essentials

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A weekend getaway demands an abbreviated packing list and we've got you covered.

Before you plan your next weekend reprieve, consider not the journey ahead or the journey home, but the quiet moments in between coming and going. How can you make the most of every single second? A fulfilling weekend away must be planned with care for true relaxation to take hold in only 48-hours. To over-pack is to be burdened by choice, so versatility must accompany each item tucked into your weekender. Edited to perfection, our travel essentials simplify the packing process so you can focus on the journey ahead.

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First is the traveler’s trusted companion: a sturdy trench coat immune to the vagaries of a city’s weather. Second, a well-crafted backpack, equally essential to those who value the ease of access and aesthetics. Whether your weekend wanderlust tugs you toward vibrant cities or rustic retreats, a sensible slip-on deserves a place on your packing list.

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The bathroom sink is both the starting line and finishing point of any adventure. A cleanser and a moisturizer are top priority on a packing list as even a short flight dehydrates the skin and a new climate can be harsh on a bare face.

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Be sure to bring daytime staples: the perfect pant, the striped cotton shirt, a rich leather belt, and breathable tennis shoe, making possible the impromptu bike ride and many miles of walking ahead. These five simple pieces embody all the elements of a signature vacation look waiting to be worn."

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