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Since launching in 2008 the Victoria Beckham fashion brand has developed a distinctive and modern language of design. Introduced in 2009, shortly after the brand’s inception, Victoria Beckham Eyewear encompasses both sun and optical, with an array of refined and artisanal styles on offer. Showcasing only the finest craftsmanship and fabrication, the Eyewear collection is developed at Victoria’s studio in London and expertly handcrafted in Italy. The brand works directly with a variety of specialised local craftsmen and workshops within the Valdobbiadene region, harnessing exquisite artisanal techniques as well modern technological advancements. Only the most premium materials are used across the collection, resulting in optimum optical design, performance and protection. With each collection Victoria adapts her own personal style to the needs and desires of her customers, resulting in a product which is both intuitive and unique.

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