Healthy Hair Hacks

DFS beauty buyers share tried-and-tested tips

At DFS, our beauty buyers know a thing or two about maintaining a luscious mane — after all, they’ve meticulously curated our hair care edit with the very best products, from nourishing shampoo and conditioners to glossy leave-in treatments.

Apart from investing in these high-quality products, we wanted to know what tips, tricks, and other tidbits of knowledge they could share when it comes to bolstering our hair care routines. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

“For years, I was finishing my hair washing routine by giving it a blast of cold water, because I believed in the myth that cold water makes your hair shiny by closing your hair’s cuticles. That myth was debunked by US research chemists from TRI Princeton, who found that cold water has zero shine-enhancing effects — but warm water does. Saying that, the operative word here is warm! Hot water can also damage cuticles and make your hair look super dry. So, like Goldilocks, you’ll need to get it ‘just right’!”

— Ann Lee, Manager, Merchandising, Beauty


“I’ve joined the silk pillowcase movement. The silk protects your cuticles by decreasing the friction between your hair and the fabric. It’s great for your face, too, because it helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, which is a great bonus. If you want to take your beauty sleep a step further, you can also sleep with your hair in a loose bun or braids — best secured with a silk scrunchie — to take care of your hair while you sleep.”

— Rebecca Chan, Assistant Manager, Merchandising, Beauty

“For those with thin hair like mine, you probably tend to skip the conditioner, which can make you hair look even flatter. While it’s tempting, it’s actually really important not to! It’s not just about adding moisture, but it’s also about improving the look of damaged or weathered hair by increasing shine and strength, and protecting it from UV rays. So, to make sure you don’t lose out on that goodness, invest in a volumizing conditioner.”

— Sara Toselli, Senior Assistant Manager, Merchandising, Beauty

“I used to color my hair regularly, which was making it dry and causing damage. My colorist suggested giving my hair a break by changing to a high-lift tint instead of bleach, which doesn’t swell the hair cuticle as much, making it much less damaging. To see if it’s something you could do, have a chat about it with your colorist.”

— Caroline Limbourg, Senior Manager, Merchandising, Beauty

“It’s not surprising that during the lockdown, when I stopped using heating tools and let my hair dry naturally, I noticed a big improvement in the quality of my hair, both in strength and smoothness. It’s not realistic to go back to zero heat, but I’m trying to be a lot more conscious about how often I use heating products. What’s really helped is switching to an ionizing hair dryer which cuts down the drying time, so at least I’m not packing on quite as much heat as I used to.”

— Pierre-Marie Maury, Senior Assistant Manager, Merchandising, Beauty

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