DFS Staff share Mother’s Day Sentiments

A tribute to moms everywhere

A calendar day dedicated to spoiling the most important woman in your life is just around the corner. In a touching tribute to May 8, we ask mothers from DFS teams around the world to share what Mother’s Day, and being a mother, means to them.

“For me, Mother’s Day is the day that reminds me that I’m special, indispensable, and essential to someone else. It’s also the day that the people around me remind me what I have done, what I’m capable of doing, and how much love and strength we share in our everyday life. It’s yours and your child’s day forever. I love how my son has changed my life for the better, and my ideal gift is just to see him happy and peaceful.”

— Vanessa Putiri, Venice, Italy


“Mother’s Day is a day to honor all mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, and anyone who has fulfilled that role in our lives, and pay tribute to the sacrifice, love, and wisdom which has helped guide us through life. It’s more than just flowers, cards and brunch — it’s a day to reflect how I can remain strong and wise to be the mother my children deserve. I love my kids’ random comedic performances, but I think my ideal gift would be a spa day or vacation to myself — or with other moms!”

— Tiffany Angoco, Guam, United States

“Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate being a mother, and to spend time with my son. The best gift I’ve ever received? Sketches from my son!”

— Anna Tao, Auckland, New Zealand


“I believe that a mother is not only the woman who gives birth to a child, but everyone who acts like a mother in the child’s life. So, Mother’s Day, to me, is the celebration of all these people. What I love the most about motherhood is the possibility to create a new and pure soul. From this comes the deepest gratification, personal fulfilment, and sense of peace. I love the way I fall in love with my daughter every day. As for the best gift? Always time together! So, I’d love to receive an unexpected trip to a special place with my daughter and my husband.”

— Giovanna Brosadola, Venice, Italy

“Mother’s Day to me means a full day of me time! The gift I would love to receive this year? For my husband to learn how to give a 30-minute foot massage, or buy me a diamond ring!”

— Shinn Lau, Auckland, New Zealand


“For me, it's a reminder that I’ve brought two good people into the world. I’m confident that they’ll be role models to the people around them through the good education and unconditional love I’ve helped to give them. I believe mothers have an important role in strengthening family relationships by giving light, guidance, and understanding. I’m very proud of every little achievement they’ve added to their names, and it’s so rewarding to see them at their best; seeing how much respect others show them is proof that I’ve done my job. The best Mother’s Day gift would be to just be together on Mother’s Day, with their partners and my grandchild.”

— Antosina Carlos, Cairns, Australia

“I think that a mother’s love is the greatest love of all, and there’s nothing I love more than watching my baby sleep. But the gift I’d love most this Mother’s Day is earplugs — so I can escape the kids’ noise!”

— Lili Xiao, Macau SAR, China


“To me, Mother’s Day is a day for being grateful to all the mothers in the world and giving back to them after all they’ve done to provide for us. I think it’s also a good time to celebrate the achievements of women around the globe. My favorite thing about being a mother is to watch my two kids grow and build their own success and future. Last year, my son gave me the best gift ever – a book of chores coupon! As for a dream gift? I’d love a Bulgari Divas’ Dream bracelet!”

— Nicole Tran, Auckland, New Zealand

On the search for a Mother’s Day gift? DFS has a mom-approved edit of special offerings to help you spoil her.

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