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travelthroughwords: a talk with Giuseppe Culicchia

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And now where do we go?
travelthroughwords: a talk with Giuseppe Culicchia

Wednesday February 15, 6:30 pm
Giuseppe Culicchia, ‘Mi sono perso in un luogo comune’ Dizionario della nostra stupidità. (‘I lost myself in a commonplace’. A dictionary of our own stupidity)
Music by the smartphonemusicmachine

Giuseppe Culicchia presents his latest book ‘Mi sono perso in un luogo comune’ (‘I lost myself in a commonplace’ Einaudi, 2016), and he takes us on a journey through everlasting and fascinating commonplaces. The book, a very personal version of Flaubert’s ‘Dictionary of Received Ideas,' is written in playful tones that entertain but also make us reflect. How stupid are we, but above all, in what way? No point in ducking the issue: every time we use a cliché, it is due to the world’s obtuseness taking us under its control. ‘Mi sono perso in un luogo comune’ adapts to all reading styles, for who likes to follow it alphabetically, who prefers opening it at random; who devours it in one night and who loves to sip it slowly, word by word. Whatever the style, you will find a reflection of yourself at some point because it is a portrait of us all: us, who speak without actually thinking, pronouncing unpronounceable sentences.

ph. Matteo De Fina