The Whiskey Festival

The Whiskey Festival

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Pour, sip, savor! Explore over 200 whiskeys from around the world at DFS, Abu Dhabi International Airport in September. Visit now to explore a range of new whiskeys with staff experts and enjoy a series of exciting promotions.
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For The Experimental Series, 20 whiskey experts from around the world were invited to choose any Glenfiddich cask that intrigued them the most. Blended by Glenfiddich Master Blender Brian Kinsman, these final 20 malts created an unusual, unexpected and innovative whiskey – Project XX.
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Johnnie Walker

Bursting with intense, sweet fruit aromas with just a gentle wisp of smokiness, Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years has been judged as the best 18-year-old blended scotch by the world’s leading whiskey experts.
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The Dalmore

The Dalmore Valour is the first in the world to be finished in both 30 year old Matusalem casks from Gonzalez Byass and Tawny Port pipes, providing an unmatched complex and elegant expression.
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Jack Daniel's

Gentleman Jack begins as Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, but receives additional refinement by a second pass through charcoal to boast an unmatched smooth, mellow finish.
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The Aberfeldy 1999 is a rare, one-off release with a unique taste profile of succulent summer berries and aromatic flowering currant, a hint of cinnamon and grated dark chocolate, with a smooth layer of caramel to finish.