Fabrizio Plessi

Fabrizio Plessi

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Coinciding with the store opening on October 1, 2016, Fabrizio Plessi inaugurates the Event Pavilion with his site-specific project entitled "Under Water".

An internationally renowned Italian artist, Plessi transforms T Fondaco's top floor into a journey through time that discovers the ancient ties linking the Serenissima to the Byzantine Empire.

The video installation consists of 60 suspended screens casting mosaic’s images of fragments submerged by water, one of the artist’s signature elements.

Juxtaposing past and present by associating images of symbolic value to high technology, the installation invites the visitor to an immersion into a dimension filled with indicative suggestions. The mosaic, which recalls the Orient, swings through the motions of water with a lightness that’s almost elastic, just like art that, according to Plessi, is “fluid, changeable and surreal, all at once”.

ph. Matteo De Fina