And Now Where Do We Go?

And now where do we go?

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And now where do we go?
Tuesday, April 11, 6:30 pm

Viola Di Grado
Bambini di ferro
Music by Shedir

Viola Di Grado presents her latest book 'Bambini di Ferro' (‘Children of Steel’) (La nave di Teseo, 2016) accompanied by Shedir’s electronic soundtrack. The author published Settanta Acrilico Trenta Lana (2011) winning the Campiello Opera Prima and the Rapallo Carige Opera Prima awards and being a finalist for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Awards, at  Cuore Cavo (2013)  and the PEN Literary Awards. She lived in Kyoto, Leeds, and London, where she graduated in Eastern philosophy. Her books are currently published in eight other countries.

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