What Makes A Superior Whisky Superior?

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A brand of over 180 years of tradition and heritage, Ballantine’s signature style is elegant, balanced, soft and sweet. Ballantine's productions are strictly controlled by 5 master blenders to ensure a consistency in taste, flavor and quality.


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Royal Salute

Royal Salute whiskies are marked by the smooth mouthfeel of Strathisla, which lends a complex, fruity and sweet taste. It is the only range of whiskies aged 21 or more.The bottles are made of ceramic in the UK by the skillful artisans of Wade.

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A blend rooted in Speyside, Chivas' house style is rich and smooth, it's a whisky perfect for sharing. With Strathisla malt whisky as the main expressions, the globally popular blend is not dominated by any one flavor profile.