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Maoli is a world-traveling columnist who records her experiences for a loyal international audience and nearly one million social followers. The account of her roving life reads like the scenes of Easy Rider and The Motorcycle Diaries. She fears nothing except missing an opportunity to see more of the world. 

Her poetic words compliment the stunning cinematic photos of her journey. With each move to a new place she immerses herself in the local culture, vicariously offering her audience adventurous and bold experiences. In the 6 years that Maoli has been on the road, she has yet to find herself in Auckland, until now. 

Travel together with Maoli to uncover this sublime, stunning and vibrant city, exclusively with T Galleria.

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Maoli just moments before lifting off in her first seaplane ride over the Rangitoto Volcano's crater.

Maoli’s travel advice is simple, “don’t make too many plans, and become friends with a local.” With that in mind, she enthusiastically accepts the Maori people’s invitation to dance, catches the perfect sunset with new friends, and finds herself at unexpected heights in an Auckland seaplane. For her, traveling is exhilarating. It helps you “expand your horizons, experience different views of the world, and change yourself for the better,” she explains.

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Maoli brought along her friend Uzi to explore some of Auckland’s most iconic locations including Muriwai Beach, Mount Eden and beyond.

Maoli credits her ex boyfriend with making her fall in love with traveling for the first time and insists that traveling together is a great way to create lasting bonds with people. While she enjoys trips with friends, she always hopes to allow others to travel together with her. “I like to share stories of my travels with others, so that even people who haven’t visited these places can experience their joy and wonder.”

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A few of Maoli's travel essentials: Loewe leather tote bag, Marc Jacobs sunglasses and Salvatore Ferragamo pouch. All available at T Galleria, Auckland.

Upon departure, Maoli stops at DFS for skin care products and gifts for her family. Small souvenirs or magnets are a go-to for friends, while unique clothes and snacks are found for family. She is no stranger to long hours spent on the plane and fills her time with movies and books.

Next on her bucket list is a trip to Chile. “I want to drive from the north to the south by myself. I want to travel to deserts and lakes, then take a boat to the island located at the southernmost tipe of the world: Isla Martillo.” For Maoli, a solo road trip is never spent alone, for encounters with locals and moments spent together with new friends are in store.

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