16 Exciting Adventures For 2018 Los Angeles


A new year brings endless opportunities for new adventures. We’ve curated a list of the most thrilling and photo-worthy excursions from around the globe. Soar to new heights, walk along new paths and embark on an unforgettable journey in some of our iconic destinations. Are you ready? Let's go!

Los Angeles 12.-Saipan-Snorkeling-D.jpg

#1. Motorbike Across Angkor
Pair the unforgettable sights of Angkor with the one-of-a-kind thrill of being on the back of a motorcycle. From the historic temples to the breathtaking jungle, a motorbike tour is the most adventurous way to take in everything Angkor has to offer.

Los Angeles 1.-Angkor-Motorbike-Tours-D.jpg

#2. Take A Sea Plane Tour of Auckland
See the clear blue waters and lush green countryside from high above on your way to explore a nearby resort or simply grab a bite to eat. A seaplane is an unforgettable way to see bring new adventures in Auckland closer to you than ever before.

Los Angeles 2.-Auckland-Sea-Planes-D.jpg

#3. Surf At Uluwatu in Bali
Whether you’re looking for some of the world’s most historic waves or the best surfing in Bali, you’ll find both at Uluwatu. If you’re looking for an afternoon of surfing or just want a beach with beautiful views of cliffs and the sunset, you will find your adventure at Uluwatu.

Los Angeles 3.-Bali-Surf-at-Uluwata-D.jpg

#4. Explore the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns
Named one of the Seven Natural Wonders, the Great Barrier Reef is a must for adventure-seekers and nature enthusiasts to spot rare wild life among over 2,600km of the world’s most beautiful reefs. Get closer to these gorgeous natural wonders and schools of tropical fish than ever before while you scuba the sapphire waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Los Angeles 4.-Cairns-Great-Barrier-Reef-D.jpg

#5. Hike Guam’s Boonie Stomps
When visiting Guam, there’s no place better to find adventure and rediscover your sense of wonder than the Boonie Stomps. Hike endless stretches of rainforests while catching views of cascading waterfalls and towering mountains, even take a dive in one of the secret snorkelling spots!

Los Angeles 5.-Guam-Boonie-Stomps-D.jpg

#6. Trek Across Hawaii’s Big Island Volcanoes 
Big Island is one of the last places on earth to find the natural wonder and excitement of being near an active volcano. Enjoy the tropical paradise by day, and at night, take a hike to one of the many volcanoes and watch the fiery molten lava sink into the blue ocean water.

Los Angeles 6.-Hawaii-Big-Island-Volcanoes-D.jpg

#7. Hike Dragon’s Back Trail in Hong Kong
Find adventure of all kinds on the best urban trail in Asia. Crest the peak and take in 360 views of the surrounding beaches and countryside, then finish your hike with a splash at Shek O Beach and a relaxing dinner at the one of the many alfresco restaurants nearby.

Los Angeles 7.-Hong-Kong-Dragon's-Back-Trail-D.jpg

#8. Hike Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles
A favorite of locals and visitors alike, the 160-acre park is found at the base of a mountain range and is perfect for a short walk or a long hike. Runyon offers both a smooth paved path and a rugged trail, making it the perfect place for hikers of any skill level looking for a little adventure.

Los Angeles 8.-Runyon-Canyon-D.jpg

#9. Head Up To Macau Tower
Take in views of Macau from high above and while jumpstarting your adrenaline with gravity-defying adventure at the Macau Tower. From walking across the top of tower on the Skywalk to bungee jumping off of it, you can bet that your time at the Macau Tower will be one you never forget.

Los Angeles 9.-Macau-Tower-D.jpg

#10. Ride A Helicopter Above New York City
Experience New York City as only few have, from the cockpit of a helicopter flying over the city. Take in the iconic skyline from above and see the historic architecture from a new perspective for an adventure you will never forget.

Los Angeles 10.-New-York-Helicopter-Tour-D.jpg

#11. Tour Through Fukugi Namiki in Okinawa
The leafy green canopies of Fukugi Namiki lead you to the sparkling waters of Bisezaki Beach and offer picturesque opportunities for hiking and swimming. For those seeking adventure outdoors, Fukugi Namiki is a natural oasis that offers you forests and beaches and everything in between, all in one gorgeous location.

Los Angeles 11.-Okinawa-Forest-D.jpg

#12. Dive The Grotto in Saipan
Climb down a winding staircase and jump over a few natural rock formations to find some of the most exquisite natural diving in the world. Adventurous divers will be rewarded with an underwater limestone cavern plummeting 70 feet deeps for an unforgettable dive unlike any other.

Los Angeles 12.-Saipan-Snorkeling-D.jpg

#13. Cycle Through San Francisco
Take your adventure to two wheels and experience San Francisco at your own speed with a bicycle rental. From Fisherman’s Warf to Redwood Park, weave through streets, climb the historic hills, and take in everything the city has to offer.

Los Angeles 13.-San-Francisco-Cycling-D.jpg

#14. Explore Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay
A conservatory like nothing you’ve seen before, taking in the lights and the state-of-the-art technology is an adventure all its own. Carnivorous flowers and exotic botanicals are tucked between waterfalls and crystals for sparkling scenery you will never forget.

Los Angeles 14.-Singapore---Gardens-by-the-Bay-D.jpg

#15. Surf Sydney’s Manly Beach
The quickest way to get to Manly Beach is to hop on the 30 minute ferry, which also gets you up close and unbeatable views of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House along the way. Once you're there, a day of swimming, surfing, or just relaxing on the soft sand awaits you, and there are many bars and restaurants to cool off at and reenergize after your long day in the sun.

Los Angeles 15.-Sydney-Manly-Beach-D.jpg

#16. Ride a Historic Gondola in Venice
Experience Venice as the locals have been doing for centuries. Take in the historic scenery from a gondola as it glides down the Grand Canal, an adventure you can only find in Venice.

Los Angeles 16.Venice-Regatta-D.jpg