New Panthère De Cartier Creations Macau

Oct 15 – Dec 31

New Panthère De Cartier Creations

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The panther, symbolic animal of Cartier, is an icon. An object of desire and fascination, everything about her exudes defiance, power and freedom. The panther can be fierce, playful, or lovable, displaying all the facets of its liberated personality from one collection to the next. A wonderful story made of creativity & passion. Inspiring jewelry, watches, fragrances and accessories, Panthère has been reinvented over time in naturalist, sculptural and graphic interpretations. The challenge is always to give her life and movement, which calls for inventive design and skilled craftsmanship.

In October 2019, the spirit of the Cartier panther will be revived. The existing pieces will be enlarged with many more references of pure, light and slim designs, from bijoux to highly precious creations catering to all.

From Macau to Sydney, the signature collection is highlighted in-store with a variety of animations. Starting October 15, the DFS Cartier boutiques transform to demonstrate the wild spirit of Panthère and its never-ending creative diversity.

For the occasion, Cartier unveils its first exhibition, “Into the Wild”, dedicated to Panthère, at Macau City of Dreams, on October 15, 2019. Mixing modernity and heritage, the installation recounts the story of La Panthère de Cartier through a series of engaging and interactive touchpoints. Embark on a magical and magnetic journey, from the first steps taken inside the exhibition to the final interactions in the nearby Cartier boutique.

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