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This Port Charlotte 10 year old has been conceived, distilled, matured and bottled on Islay alone. They are a young team with deep-rooted values, and an ambition to make the ultimate “Islay” Islay whisky. A whisky made by people, not software; a whisky watched over every day of its maturing life by those who made it; a whisky born of a community with a vision and a mission to kick start a single malt whisky revolution, this Port Charlotte 10 year old is who they are. This is where they're from.


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At Bruichladdich, they believe that Islay Whisky should have an authenticity derived from where it is distilled and where it is matured. The brand passionately believes in terroir - in place and provenance, and ultimate traceability. All their whisky is matured all its life and bottled on Islay, un-chill filtered, with no added colour, trickle distilled and made from 100% Scottish barley. They are progressive, Hebridean Distillers.

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