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Copper dog traditionally refers to the dipper device that distillery workers would hide in their pant legs to sneak drinks. This easy-drinking whisky is a tribute to these workers and their history


Introducing Copper Dog, a unique new blend of no fewer than eight single malt whiskies, launching exclusively at DFS, Singapore Changi Airport. Enjoy free tastings and bottle personalization in-store

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Crafted in Speyside, one of the largest whisky regions in the world, Copper Dog slowly marries single malt whiskies in old oak casks for over three months to release notes of toffee apple, berries and spice

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Copper Dog is a blended malt whisky handcrafted in Speyside, one of the most remote areas of the Scottish Highlands and also one of the largest whisky regions in the world. Created as a tribute to all distillery workers, this unique blend slowly marries no fewer than eight single malt whiskies from the Speyside region in old oak casks. Copper Dog is characterized as an easy-drinking scotch with ripe fruit aromas and a delicate spicy finish.

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