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New York City Royal Salute Royal Salute,Wine, Spirits & Beer
Royal Salute was originally created as a gift for Queen ElizabethII on her Coronation Day in 1953 and since its creation has combined timeless tradition with contemporary understanding. The exceptional Time Series collection represents the pinnacle of Royal Salute’s creations and is composed of its finest, most distinctive and unique time-honoured Scotch whiskies. It is a fitting tribute to Royal Salute’s origin as the celebration of the longevity and dedication in the year Queen ElizabethII became Britain’s longest-serving monarch. Time is the most rare and precious catalyst, crafting all elements until they reach their purest forms. Each edition expresses this luxury of Time by paying tribute to remarkable ages. It is the Master Blender’s art to release them only when the blend has reached its most remarkable and finest expression.

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