Is your beauty stash in need of a refresh? Drawing on what’s trending within the beautysphere, we round up ways to inject some zest into your skincare, makeup, and fragrance arsenal this spring.



Nature meets science, amplified

Some of the most progressive skincare saviors don’t rely on just science, but on the goodness of mother nature too. Embrace the union this spring with collaborative formulations including serums infused with pineapple extract — a natural exfoliant with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Look out for straight-from-the-earth hydration saviors that surpass the results of hyaluronic acid, including snow mushroom, a fungi famed for its exceptional hydrating capabilities. You’ll also find humble honey-based skincare elevated to new heights by harnessing bees harvested in pesticide-protected ecosystems. This ensures the honey is unrivalled in purity — and that it can work harder when it comes to minimizing the visible signs of aging.



Mask-friendly makeup maestros 

While wearing a face mask is now firmly part of most of our daily lives, many of us are still getting the hang of adjusting our makeup routines to accommodate for the smudging foundation and lipstick below our masks. This spring sees some solid solutions to add to our arsenal, led by a rise in makeup setting sprays that help set foundation and offer a longer-lasting hold. In this fusion of skincare with makeup, you’ll also find versions infused with extra benefits, including hydration and keeping pollutants at bay. And for extra assistance on those long or humid days, an on-the-go foundation cushion compact, and a lip color sheer enough to top up sans mirror, won’t go amiss in your handbag.



Olfactory tributes to the times 

When it comes to fragrances right now, it’s all about wearing your mood. And perhaps the most fitting for the moment? Byredo’s latest release, Mixed Emotions. Inspired by the tumultuous events of recent times, the fragrance encapsulates the highs and lows of life by mixing conflicting scents — from warmth to sweetness to dark, woody notes. For those looking to embrace the season with more traditional olfactory choices, there’s a bounty of traditional spring-apt fragrances to pick from — from fresh, dewy, and delicate formulas to rich floral-centric blends that transport you to a thriving botanical garden in just a spritz. Inhale and embrace the moment.

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