The Making of Estée Lauder's Iconic Advanced Night Repair Serum New York City

The Making of Estée Lauder's Iconic Advanced Night Repair Serum

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The Making of Estée Lauder's Iconic Advanced Night Repair Serum

Estée Lauder is a name known around the world. The brand has done more than influence the beauty inudstry — it's changed it forever. Founded by Estée Lauder and her husband Joseph H. Lauder in 1946, Estée took her passion and set out to help women feel beautiful. Estée herself quickly became the face of the brand, growing it through valuable interactions with customers. The brand skyrocketed to international fame by introducing new and exciting products in skincare, makeup and fragrance, always with women's needs in mind.

When it comes to iconic beauty products, Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum changed the industry forever. First introduced in 1982, the revolutionary product — affectionately known as “The Little Brown Bottle” — was the first night serum to ever hit the market, promising to fight signs of aging and repair skin overnight, revealing the radiant, glowing skin every woman seeks. Today, nearly eight bottles are sold every minute — proof that this innovative formula continues to be a favorite of customers of all ages and ethnicities around the world.

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Since the serum's introduction, Estée Lauder has infused a range of products with the formula to allow a woman to have her vanity fully stocked with the Advanced Night Repair collection, including the Eye Concentrate Matrix and Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask.

Estée Lauder is continuing to change what is possible in beauty and skincare with its new Power Signal formula, informed by groundbreaking research by Estée Lauder scientists. They found that the same molecule that triggers sleep also triggers the skin's nightly repair process. The powerful new formula acts like a signal to the skin, encouraging this repair process and allowing one to wake up with fresh, younger-looking skin.

When it comes to Advanced Night Repair, one thing is for sure: Estée Lauder is continuing to find ways to evolve this iconic product for generations of beauty lovers to come.

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