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Shop Our Earth Day Picks

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Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask

When you jet off on your next adventure, don't leave without the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask in your bag. It's an essential for rejuvenating skin after a long day of travel. Fresh harnesses the antioxidant power of lotus flower extract and the gentle exfoliant of natural lotus seeds to fight dullness and improve texture and uneven skin tone, leaving your skin hydrated and brighter than when you started your journey.

Tiffany & Co. The Tiffany Setting Ring

There’s good reason that the Tiffany Setting has become the most iconic engagement ring setting, influencing the engagement ring as it's known today. The design lifts the ethically-sourced diamond above the band, allowing light to cascade through it from all sides and creating an extraordinary sparkle that makes this a special signal of an everlasting love.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli Watch

The spirit of racing comes through quite literally in this limited-edition timepiece. The strap features inlays of rubber from certified winning Pirelli tires that competed in real races and a unique tire tread pattern on the inside, finished with yellow stitching to incorporate the famous color codes of the iconic racing brand.

Pandora Charm Bracelet

There's a nearly endless selection of charms and beads to customize your Pandora bracelet and truly make it your own. Made of ethically-sourced stones and metals, you can be sure that each charm you add has been created with integrity. Discover a meaningful charm for each milestone through the years or gift a charm to someone you love.

Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch

Citizen has led the way when it comes to light-powered analog quartz technology, introducing its Eco-Drive series in 1976. The watch's classic design paired with this innovative technology makes it a watch unlike any other. The eye-catching stainless steel bracelet and bold 40mm face are versatile for everyday wear, and the light-powered charging generates power from any light source, so you’ll never have to slow down to change a battery when you're on the go.

Steens UMF 26+ Raw Manuka Honey

While the benefits of Manuka honey are widely established, a little-known fact is that in order to produce a pure grade of Manuka nectar such as a UMF 26+, the hive must be around only Manuka bushes, and it can only be gathered when all the environmental conditions are aligned. Steens discovered these perfect conditions in some of the most remote and pollution-free regions of New Zealand. The result is a grade of Manuka honey superior to all others where you can enjoy unrivaled purity and strength.

Reyka Vodka

A crisp vodka is essential to have on hand for every celebration. Reyka is the one to reach for when you’re looking for flavor you can only find from vodka in its purest form. Handcrafted in Iceland in small batches, spring water is naturally filtered through lava rocks in a distillery powered by energy from volcanic activity. This ensures Reyka is clear of impurities for the cleanest sipping experience. It boasts a silky texture and fullness of flavor that’s perfect to enjoy in a cocktail or simply poured over ice.

Masahiro Plum Wine

This is a plum wine free from additives and made with the famous plums from Kishu district and Okinawan sake. On the nose it opens with a fruity bouquet of plums, while on the palate it's sweet yet acidic. This is an ideal drink to be enjoyed in company of friends.


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