Travel Together With Hiroaki Fukuda In Macau New York City


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Hiroaki Fukuda is always pushing photographic limits in his hunt for the beautiful and sublime. His journey since posting his first photo on Instagram a few years ago has been one of serendipitous success. Now, with half a million Instagram users tracking his posts, Hiroaki has become known for his dynamic board of cityscapes, portraiture, and natural landscapes taken around the world. While his work has allowed him to travel the globe, he has yet to explore the liveliness and heritage of Macau. Join him as he snaps his way through the sparkling city for the very first time, exclusively with DFS.

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“Travel, for me means exploring new boundaries and making new discoveries,” explains Fukuda. “When I arrive in a new city, I try not to have any preconceived notions about what I may experience. I let it happen naturally through the things I sense.” He found Macau to be a paradoxical place. It is a whirlwind of glitz and glamour, but also a destination of rich history and culture. “What I found most unique about the city was its strong Portuguese heritage. It’s hard not to pick up on the influence while walking through the cobblestone streets in the historical areas of Macau.”

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Entering a new city unencumbered by expectations has allowed Fukuda to capture it an authentic light.“ Every destination, with its own culture and people, has its own unique quality. Learning this has given me a more open-minded approach to photography.” In Macau, he found this in the alleyways of the historical center, which reveal a lesser experienced part of the city. “Getting lost in the local city center, and the architecture that surrounds it,” were among Fukuda’s most memorable experiences. His favorite view of Macau can be found at the top of Guia Hill.

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He has streamlined his travel bag to include the essentials: a sturdy pair of sneakers, his laptop and his camera, which enables him to move easily through the city streets. When departing a new destination, he usually finds room in his bag for a new pair of sneakers from DFS and something small that reminds him of the city. For his next trip, he hopes to explore the natural wonders of New Zealand in the company of equally adventurous friends and family.

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