Travel Together With Hyojoo Ko In Sydney New York City


Hyojoo Ko is redefining the aesthetic and perception of longboarding with her distinctive style. The Goyang, South Korea native's balletic footwork and fluid movement lend a dance-like rhythm to her riding.

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Her ultra cool and sporty look, highlighted by her penchant for knee-high tube socks, has helped her stand out from the crowd. This combination of sinuous boarding and eye-catching outfits, captured in mesmeric videos filmed around the world, has garnered her 375,000 Instagram followers and millions of views on YouTube. Despite only taking up longboarding several years ago as a hobby outside of her day job, Hyojoo has managed to bring a fresh perspective to the sport as showcased in videos for Vogue, Hypebeast and more.

Travel together with Hyojoo as she rides gracefully through the streets of Sydney for the very first time, exclusively with T Galleria.

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“The sky is a different color in each country and each city. The clouds are always a different shape. The sky catches my eyes first,” Hyojoo says of arriving in new destinations. In Sydney, the colors of the sky, sea and lush greenery are incredibly vivid to Hyojoo as she rolls through the city on her longboard. The perfected grace with which she rides allows her to keep her eyes up, soaking in the spectacular vistas of the seaside city.

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Most striking were the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, which both surpassed her expectations. The riding culture also stood out, because “regardless of whether you ride a longboard or skateboard, all the skaters and longboarders enjoy riding together.” For Hyojoo, this is a dream destination, for her ideal traveling companions are those that can ride alongside her, seeing the world in much the same way she does.

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Although it may seem Hyojoo is always on the go, when it comes to traveling, she usually prefers to “stay and relax at one place for a long time.” She travels light with only a small bag filled with sunscreen and sunglasses, so to remain nimble when moving around a city. Upon leaving for her next destination she always picks up some chocolate at DFS to devour on the flight home. Long trips are spent editing the video footage she’s collected on her journey, drawing, or watching movies till she lands in her next destination.

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