Travel Together With Sofia Sanchez De Betak In Okinawa New York City

Travel Together With Sofia Sanchez De Betak In Okinawa

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Sofia Sanchez is a multifaceted entrepreneur and woman of many talents. The Buenos Aires-born fashion and travel consultant currently calls New York City home. She is a front row fixture during international fashion weeks and a red-carpet staple who has perfected the art of black tie dressing with her enduring and individual style. She is a model and influencer whose unmistakably vibrant personality has caught the eye of many renowned publications, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, In Style and Vanity Fair.

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Sofia has as much success in front of the camera as she’s had behind it. Although she has spent most of her life exploring new countries, she has yet to see the cerulean seascapes of Okinawa. Join her as she fashionably uncovers the island for the very first time, exclusively with DFS.
For Sofia, Okinawa’s magic glistened through its lush pastures, inhabited by small creatures whose morning songs replaced the ring of an alarm clock. “The sounds are amazing, the vast and green vegetation makes it a playground for birds and bugs—you could hear tons of them in the morning,” she explains.

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While Okinawa is known for its radiant coral reefs, sandy beaches and serene way of life, it is surprisingly urban, bustling and energetic. “The city is fascinating! I never thought it would be so grand,” exclaims Sofia. With an affinity for uncovering the quaint and quirky parts of a city, she found Okinawa’s pottery village to be the most memorable experience. “Those gorgeous little streets are straight out of an ancient tale,” she found.

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Travel, for her, is about gaining knowledge and learning to see the world anew. Her international trips started early, inspired by her mother, an avid traveler herself, who brought her along whenever she could. Today, Sofia travels together with her friend Camila, who always keeps her laughing, and her husband, whose drive for adventure is as insatiable as hers.
Her travel bag is pared down to a pair of comfortable shoes, some sunglasses, a camera, and newly bought sunscreen from DFS. Her simplified packing list allows room for collecting all kinds of treasures along the way. “I liked how different the kimonos are [in Okinawa]. I bought a few Nibushikis, these beautiful two-piece kimonos,” she says on gathering souvenirs.
For her next trip she hopes to head to Peru or Denmark. “Everything intrigues me and attracts me so much that any place I haven’t been to sounds appealing.”

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