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New York City Shopping Guide

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Hershey's Chocolate Minis Gift Box

Spread the happiness with this localized box of assorted miniature chocolate candies by Hershey's, the iconic brand loved by generations of children and adults alike. It's a scrumptious gift that is simply too good to miss.

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Godiva Chocolate City Souvenir Gift Box

Presented in a limited-edition illustrated box, this collection contains an assortment of 15 milk, dark, and white chocolates. Offering a tantalizing moment of indulgence, this charming gift is sure to light up someone's day.

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Napa Soaps

Handmade in small batches with only the freshest and most sustainable ingredients, Napa Soaps are a natural blend of moisturizing butters and oils. A refreshing, thoughtful gift for anyone looking for beauty supported by sustainable ethos.

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Hsu's Sliced American Ginseng

Ginseng has proven to be powerful in the treatment of many ailments, from reducing stress to improving memory, metabolism and endurance. Produced in the U.S. with no MSG or food coloring, American ginseng roots by Hsu’s are 100% natural, making it a traditional herbal remedy gift that's perfect for the health-conscious person in your life.

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New York Icon 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

Produced by America's oldest winery, the Icon wine series marries smooth complexity with great taste and aromas. This cabernet sauvignon is a bold-flavored wine crafted from the highest quality grapes. As the "king of red grapes," this is a bottle that will be highly appreciated by any discerning wine collectors.

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The San Francisco Chocolate Factory New York Chocolate Tin Set

Using only the finest-quality cocoa beans, The San Francisco Chocolate Factory produces smooth, silk-like chocolate that melts on the tongue. This desirable set comprises of three tins decorated with illustrations of iconic locations and symbols of New York City. Easy to carry in your luggage, this is a gift that will last beyond its rich, gourmet taste.

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Wine Spots Napa Velley Merlot

As part of the Wine Spots boutique collection, this merlot is crafted by sourcing small lots of wine from superb vineyards. Succulent cherry and plum aromas are accented by notes of vanilla, while the aging in small French oak barrels emphasizes the soft tannins and fruit flavors, leaving a lingering toasty oak finish. This is an excellent pairing with many types of dishes.

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Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Established in 1869, Jelly Belly beans are an all-American candy popular with people of all ages. This patriotic gift box, featuring the U.S. flag stamped on the cover, contains ten assorted flavors of jelly beans, including green apple, coconut, watermelon and tangerine. Perfect to share while watching 4th of July fireworks or to bring home as a souvenir to reminisce on your American adventure.


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