Our Corporate Leadership New York City

Our Corporate Leadership

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Ed Brennan,
Chairman and CEO

Ed returned to DFS in 2017 after leading the company for 15 years until 2012. A lifelong merchandiser, Ed is committed to building a business for the future, expanding DFS’ global network of airport and downtown T Galleria stores around the world and satisfying the changing expectations of DFS’ global traveling customers.

“As the world's leading luxury travel retailer, we are proud to be at the forefront of this growing and dynamic part of the global luxury industry. DFS combines the best parts of two exciting worlds – travel and retail – and we have some fantastic plans in place to transform our business into a truly 21st century retailer.”

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Tim DeLessio, President Store Operations

Tim oversees the operations of DFS’ global network of airport and downtown T Galleria stores, ensuring that our global traveling customers have the most exceptional experience possible wherever they choose to visit us, from their first interaction with our helpful sales associates through to final purchase. In addition, he leads our Operations and Control and Store Design and Construction teams, responsible for managing store productivity and creating award-winning store environments that continue to raise the bar for the global retail industry.

“I continue to be inspired by the passion and dedication of our store staff in serving our customers. Every day they have the opportunity to positively impact a traveling customer’s journey, and they put their heart and soul into making those experiences special and rewarding.”

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Andrew Webster, Executive Vice President Human Resources

Human Resources is the engine of any company’s success, and Andrew’s global team are true business partners at every step of DFS’ journey. Encompassing talent acquisition, development, rewards and more, the Human Resources team is responsible for creating a working culture that attracts, develops and retains first-class talent.

“DFS’ greatest asset is its people. Our culture is strong – dynamic, fun, and hard-working, built on integrity and inspired by a set of firm beliefs and behaviors. We place an enormous focus on learning and development so that our people’s careers continue to grow and flourish, and we embrace diversity in all its forms.”