Pinbone New York City


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Irreverent, laid back, but utterly serious about its cuisine, Pinbone captures a side of modern dining that is urbane yet accessible and rooted in a true blue Aussie spirit. The menu reads deceptively simply, with offerings like “cheesy, smoky, potato thing” and “lamb ribs” giving little hint to the dedicated sourcing and whimsical presentations that characterize the dishes—the latter comes to the table like a Golden Gaytime ice-cream bar, a staple of Australian childhood. Other playful references include the “fairy bread”, a kid’s party favorite turned into a very grown up brioche, mascarpone and caviar. Even the wine list gets in on the fun with bottles of sparkling listed as “Fizzy S***” and magnums as “Big S***”.
3 Jersey Road, Woollahra NSW 2025
T:(02) 9328 1600