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Okinawa Shopping Guide

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Shuri Castle Masahiro Gold 10 Year

Awamori is unique to Okinawa. Made from long grain rice, unlike sake, awamori is the product of distillation. This blend of selected premium Okinawan awamori is available only in Okinawa, making it an ideal souvenir to celebrate your trip for many drinks to come.

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Mifuyu Green Tea Flavor

Made up of three layers of puff pastry and two layers of green tea flavored cream, this pastry is fully coated with green tea flavored chocolate made with Hokkaido Island's milk. This is Japan's take on mille-feuille, a tasty treat that will surely leave you wanting more.

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Baton Coconut & Brown Sugar Cookies

These are delicious crunchy coconut cookies, coated on one side with fine milk chocolate flavor with Okinawan brown sugar. Try this fragrant and sumptuous treat paired with traditional or fruity afternoon tea.

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Masahiro Plum Wine

This is a plum wine free from additives and made with the famous plums from Kishu district and Okinawan sake. On the nose it opens with a fruity bouquet of plums, while on the palate it's sweet yet acidic. This is an ideal drink to be enjoyed in the company of friends.

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Yukishio Chinsuko Milk Flavor

Once a treat reserved for the royal family, the Chinsuko biscuits are an authentic Okinawan delicacy. In Japanese, "Yuki" means snow and "shio" means salt. The snow-like salt is found on nearby Miyako Island and adds to this unique but delicious treat.

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Okinawa Limited Nama Chocolate Pineapple

Made with plenty of fresh cream, Nama chocolate melts like silk on the tongue, leaving a luscious sensation on the palate. Discover this limited edition range featuring pineapple for an authentic taste of this tropical island.

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8 Islands Brown Sugar

Sugarcane fields have long been part of the scenery of Okinawa. This 100 percent pure brown sugar from Okinawan sugar canes is made on eight different islands of Okinawa, each presenting a different character, much like the islands they come from.

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Beni Imo Purple Potato Tart

Made by Okashi-Goten, the original store known for sweet potato confectionary, this purple potato tart is a staple souvenir to bring home from Okinawa. The filling is both delicious and healthy, and it has excellent antioxidant effects and works to prevent signs of aging.


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