We share our favourite artistic moments

At DFS, we love how art and design can bring imagination to the everyday – and we also love the idea of collecting pieces to treasure. This spring, share in these passions as you shop around the world with the latest DFS CIRCLE campaign. Read on for more on our latest artistic partnership, as well other past collaborations that add that extra bit of colour to your shopping experience.


matsui for DFS CIRCLE’s 1st Anniversary

To celebrate DFS CIRCLE turning 1 year old, we've collaborated with trending illustrator Matsui to bring stylish accessories to your travel kit. Known for his bold-lined drawings of two adventuring white dogs, the artist has worked with fashionable brands such as Beams and Casetify, and has held solo shows in Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei and Hong Kong. For this DFS CIRCLE collaboration, Matsui has created a series of adorable limited-edition suitcase stickers, graphic towels and exclusive luggage tags, with special editions available at different stores. Collect them all when you “circle back” to DFS to shop and meet designated spending requirements. While you’re at it, you can also complete missions like logging your store visits to unlock bonus points – then get set to jet around the world with matsui’s signature white pups by your side.

Location: In-store pop-ups available at select locations from now until May 31 2024.


The Rivus Altus Cronorama in 10 Years by Max Farina

Since its reopening, the carefully restored heritage building of Fondaco Dei Tedeschi by DFS in Venice has become an arts and culture destination with regular exhibitions, and the latest project is no exception. A solo spotlight on architect/photographer Massimiliano Farina, running until April 7 2024, has been 10 years in the making: Farina’s large-scale video installation showcases the view from the same spot on the Rialto Bridge taken from 2013 to 2023, zooming in on the flow of people observing the 16th century landmark from below.


Where Art Meets Tradition: Red Paper Cutting Exhibition

Honoring the Year of the Dragon, we enlisted three Hong Kong Arts Centre-affiliated artists and Hong Kong Art School alumni to create an array of one-of-a-kind red paper cutting designs, which were displayed at 13 in-store exhibitions around the globe during Lunar New Year until February 29 2024. From Chung Siu Fung’s interpretation of ancient traditions personified as dragons, to Wong Wan Ying’s paper images of auspicious symbols, and Meko Cheng’s use of unexpected materials like shells, gold leaf and mesh fabric, these captivating designs took the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of paper cutting craft into the new age while championing a spirit of individuality, creativity and good fortune.


TeamLab Future Park Okinawa

Art lovers will be no stranger to Japan’s legendary TeamLab collective, which has taken the world by storm with its immersive, interactive landscapes made with leading digital art technology. Since December 2023, this next-level art sensation has been an exclusive and permanent fixture on the third floor of DFS, Okinawa, creating the ultimate family-friendly retailtainment destination. Round out an exceptional day of shopping by relaxing, playing and Instagramming your way through 10 stunning installations, from sliding down dazzling animations to bouncing with lit-up balloons and exploring more rooms that emphasize the beauty of co-creation.


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