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October 11, 2023

Reinvent your Glam & Glow with the latest trends in luxury skincare, makeup, artisanal fragrances and more. Are you ready to play, experiment and explore?

DFS CIRCLE Gift: Compact Mirror

Always be ready to glam and glow on the go with our complimentary stylish compact mirror. Spend JPY15,000 in-store or online on our curated beauty selection to redeem!*

Dates: August 1 to October 31, 2023

T Galleria by DFS, Okinawa
DFS, Naha Airport
DFS Okinawa Online shop

Glam Up


Glow Up


What's Your Fragrance Dimension?

Every person has an aura—an energy field that surrounds our body, made up of colors that are unique to us individuals. Auras are not normally visible to the eye, and are instead intuitively felt by those around us. What color is yours?

Visit our Aura Perfumery in store to find your aura color, and meet its perfect match in luxury fragrances! Bring home a signature scent that represents your identity and you alone, and discover member-exclusive offers on our collection while you're there.

Or, take our personality quiz to decode your aura and browse our online collection, and receive a one-of-a-kind AI-generated artwork that symbolizes your auric DNA. Tag us at #DFSAuraPerfumery when you post on Instagram or Facebook!

Enjoy 10% Off!

Spend on products from one category and enjoy savings in another! Get 10% off your next purchase at T Galleria by DFS, Okinawa when you meet any of the requirements below*
- JPY 40,000 or more on Fashion
- JPY 15,000 or more on Beauty
- JPY 5,000 or more on Food & Gifts

Dates: August 1 to October 31, 2023
Location: T Galleria by DFS, Okinawa

*Terms & Conditions apply. Gifts are of limited quantities only, while stocks last. See store for details.


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