teamLab Future Park Okinawa

October 20, 2023

About teamLab Future Park Okinawa

  • T Galleria by DFS, Okinawa partners with world-owned international art collective teamLab to launch its permanent exhibition, first of its kind in Okinawa, exclusively onsite at T Galleria by DFS

  • Enjoy unparalleled global luxury brands shopping and unique digital art experience at the same place


teamLab Graffiti Nature - High Mountains and Deep Valleys, Red List© teamLab

OKINAWA, JAPAN DFS Group, the world's leading luxury travel retailer, is pleased to announce "teamLab Future Park Okinawa” will be on permanent display exclusively on the third floor of T Galleria by DFS, Okinawa. The opening is scheduled for December 2023.

The launch of teamLab’s interactive artwork exhibition, which has been featured in major exhibitions around the world, within the compound of T Galleria by DFS exemplifies DFS’ commitment to providing customers with a unique retailtainment experience which combines shopping with entertainment.

Richard Gustafson, Managing Director, Japan, Midpac, DFS Group, said, “DFS prides itself on offering visitors unparalleled shopping experiences in addition to our focus on curating a wide range of the best global brands and delivering personalized services. Our customers will enjoy exploring DFS' product assortment while being engaged by the artistic installations. Through “teamLab Future Park Okinawa” exhibition which is only available here at DFS, we are confident that T Galleria by DFS becomes an even more compelling retail destination, underscoring why it and DFS' duty-free shop at Naha Airport are must-visits for both domestic and international travelers to Okinawa.”

Visitors will be able to experience a total of 10 installations by teamLab during their visit to T Galleria by DFS, Okinawa. The 10 installations include "Animals Living with Flowers II", an educational project based on the concept of "co-creation," in which visitors enjoy freely creating the world together with others from “teamLab Future Park”. "Graffiti Nature: Beating High Mountains and Deep Valleys, Red List," "Sketch Aquarium: Connected World," "Sliding through the Fruit Field," "Light Ball Orchestra," and "Hopscotch for Geniuses: Bounce on the Water".


teamLab Sliding through the Fruit Field© teamLab


teamLab Sketch Aquarium: Connected World© teamLab


teamLab Light Ball Orchestra© teamLab


teamLab Hopscotch for Geniuses: Bounce on the Water© teamLab


teamLab Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives II© teamLab

At the “Sketch Factory”, visitors can turn their own drawing into memorabilia to take home with them. The drawings created in “Graffiti Nature” or “Sketch Aquarium: Connected World” don’t just move around in the artwork space, they can be also made into a tin badge, towel and T-Shirt and other souvenirs.



“teamLab Future Park” is an exhibition that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Since its first exhibition at the Ryubo department store in Okinawa in November 2013, it has been held in Sydney, Bangkok, Shanghai, Turin, Budapest, Jakarta, Johannesburg, and other cities around the world, with permanent exhibitions in Singapore, Dubai, Shenzhen, etc. To date, more than 15 million people around the world have experienced the exhibition.

Visit T Galleria by DFS, Okinawa for a splendid shopping experience where you can indulge yourself and your loved ones with the best curated selection of global luxury brands while exploring the world of art, science and technology via teamLab’s exhibitions.

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