Its true colors
Discover hand-picked products in the iconic colors of Samaritaine: yellow and gray!
A selection of must-have Parisian products.

A wide assortment of items, from fashion and accessories to design and high-tech, by an eclectic range of your favorite brands. Esteemed and long-established names, up-and-coming labels or innovative designers: all of them have joined Samaritaine to celebrate its grand reopening. The mission was "be inventive: create a special item, or redesign one of your special products." The brief was exciting: each article shares one feature, the color code that defines the store's identity.

Yellow, like the sun shining high in the Parisian sky. Gray, like the traditional zinc roofs of the city. A sleek elegance, a simple yet refined palette: it brings together the unique, warm golden yellow and delicate light gray with imperceptible hints of blue. This irresistible chromatic duo is occasionally highlighted with a bold touch of red or orange. Emblematic of Samaritaine, both shades draw inspiration from the original architecture of the department store. In French, this yellow is indeed known as "le jaune Jourdain." This appellation is directly derived from the name of Frantz Jourdain, the architect who designed the original Art Nouveau building in the early 20th century. Paris is a feast: join us and enjoy a 360-degree shopping experience in the colors of Samaritaine. Discover in a fun way the only department store at the heart of the City of Lights. A place to meet up and share, a place for exploration and entertainment, for art and culture.

The store carries over 600 brands, this selection is a thoughtful manner to celebrate the opening. Fashion and accessories, jewelry, beauty: the major universes of the store are represented. The variety caters for all tastes and interests; it includes, among many other items, pendants, earrings, watches, handbags, clutches, shoes, perfumes and beauty products, a bike and an arcade video game.

The brands that collaborated with Samaritaine encompass a large spectrum of creativity and recognition: from Guerlain to La Bouche Rouge, from Manolo Blanhik to Roger Vivier, from Maison Kitsuné to McQueen, or from Gas to Messika, to name a few.

Wherever you are, Samaritaine welcomes you to take part in the celebration! While the products in its colors represent its heritage and mission, they also mirror the creative concept and the Parisian essence of La Boutique de Loulou, which is both open to the world and in its choices. Located on the ground floor, it is directly accessible from the street on the Seine embankments. Adopt the yellow and gray attitude and indulge yourself with this very Parisian selection, infused with a dose of humor.