The Rebirth Of An Icon Paris

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Samaritaine, The Rebirth of An Icon

Over the past 151 years, Samaritaine has sparked fond memories for many Parisians – from climbing the theatrical steps that lead you to its renowned glass roof to shopping for unexpected gifts in the company of loved ones.

This spring, a new chapter begins as Samaritaine reawakens with style and audacity to honor its founders, Ernest and Marie-Louise Cognacq-Jaÿ. Graced with state-of-the-art architecture and exquisite historical features, the landmark has been gloriously reimagined, fusing original Art Nouveau and Art Deco details with contemporary newness. Located in the beating heart of Paris, this iconic landmark will become a must-visit destination for locals and travelers to indulge in what is quintessentially the Parisian experience.


Join us in celebrating the rebirth of an icon, where boundless surprises await.


More than a store, the new Parisian destination.


Samaritaine Paris Pont Neuf by DFS