The DFS loyalty membership program (“LOYAL T by DFS” or “Program”) consists of four tiers: Loyal T, Jade, Prestige Ruby and Prestige Diamond. The benefits of the Program vary based on the tier.

Every account will be valid for a 365-day membership cycle (“Membership Cycle”) starting from the sign-up date and is assigned a tier status.

The LOYAL T by DFS membership card ("Card"), digital or physical, issued at the discretion of DFS, entitles LOYAL T by DFS members (“Members”) to the Program benefits and rewards determined by DFS from time to time, subject to these Conditions which DFS may update or revise anytime without notice.


The Program is offered to Customers over 18 years old and LOYAL T cardholders (“Cardholders”) shall use the Card solely for personal and non-commercial purposes.

Cardholders shall only have one active account at any time and DFS reserves the right to merge, modify or cancel duplicated accounts belonging to the same Cardholder.

Cardholders will not be assigned a membership tier based solely on a purchase of tobacco products or alcoholic beverages in certain jurisdictions.


The sign-up process can be made in store with the assistance of DFS’s sales associates or online, here (including through WeChat using a QR code available in-store).

Cardholders who sign-up to the Program through online channels will earn LOYAL T Points (“Points”) on their purchases on the same day. The Points will be credited to the Cardholder’s account within 7 (seven) working days.

Changing tiers status and renewal

A Qualifying Purchase is recorded in the form of “Status Dollars” based on the net Qualifying Purchase amount (i.e. Qualifying Purchase amount less taxes, discounts, refunds, exchange rate and other adjustments) in the Cardholder’s Membership Cycle. “Status Dollars” earned from every eligible purchase is based on the amount spent in local currency converted at a fixed DFS conversion rate reproduced below. :

Local Currency > Dollar Spent to earn 1 Status Dollar


AUD / NZD / SGD > 2

HKD / MOP > 10

JPY > 100

If the Cardholder has earned enough Status Dollars to qualify for a higher tier during the Membership Cycle, the change will occur within 7 days after the Cardholder’s Qualifying Purchase.

If the Cardholder does not earn enough Status Dollars to remain in the existing tier during the Membership Cycle, their tier will be downgraded to the respective tier according to past Membership Cycle.

A change in tier will renew the Cardholder’s Membership Cycle for an additional 365 days from the day of change. Cardholders can check their tier status and Points balance on WeChat® or dfs.com.

Points earning

Cardholders can earn Points rewards on their purchases by presenting their Card at participating DFS and T Galleria stores worldwide. The sales associate in-store may ask to see the Cardholder’s valid photo ID to verify their identity.

Points may not have been credited to your account if you didn't provide your Loyal T membership number during purchase. Cardholder can claim missing points by submitting a request within 6months from the date of purchase. Upon presentation of the Card, sales receipt and proof of payment, DFS will credit the missing Points to your account within 6 weeks from the date of request. No Points may be earned for purchases made more than 1 month prior to the Cardholder’s enrolment in the Program.

Points earned are based on the amount spent in local currency calculated at a fixed DFS conversion rate in the table reproduced below after deducting taxes, discounts, the value of any Points or gift certificates/vouchers or any equivalent form of payment used in the transaction.

Cardholders cannot earn Points when purchasing services (e.g. restaurants, salon services, etc.), items from selected brands/boutiques, non-eligible categories such as Tobacco and Liquor, any fees or taxes or any portion of their purchase made using Points or gift cards/certificates.

Points will be credited to the Cardholder’s account within 7 working days from the Qualifying Purchase.

Local Currency > Dollar Spent to earn 1 Point


AUD / NZD / SGD > 2

HKD / MOP > 10

JPY > 100

The number of Points the Cardholder receive from a Qualifying Purchase is based on their membership tier listed below:

Prestige Diamond – 4 LOYAL T Points

Prestige Ruby – 2 LOYAL T Points

Jade – 1 LOYAL T Point

LOYAL T – 1 LOYAL T Point (for purchase of Beauty products only)

* exclusions apply, please ask sales associates in-store for details.

The number of Points credited to the Cardholder’s account is calculated by multiplying their Qualifying Purchase in local currency converted at the fixed DFS conversion rate stated above with the Points multiplier based on the Cardholder’s membership tier. When the Cardholder returns a purchase, the same calculation is used to determine the number of Points that will be removed from their outstanding Points balance.

Points earned for a purchase made on dfs.com or WeChat® will be issued within 24 hours after the order is fulfilled and collected in participating stores upon presentation of the Cardholder’s Card.

Points redemption

Cardholders can redeem Points directly on a transaction with a minimum of 500 LOYAL T Points except for redemption of Points vouchers which requires a minimum of 1000 LOYAL T Points to be redeemed. Redemption can only be done in multiples of 100 LOYAL T Points.

The local value redeemable with 500 LOYAL T Points (min.) is listed in the table reproduced below:


AUD / NZD / SGD > 10

HKD / MOP > 50

JPY > 500

Points can be used to purchase merchandise at participating T Galleria and DFS stores worldwide.
Points cannot be redeemed for any reservation on DFS online Platforms or WeChat Mini Programs (except DFS Hong Kong and Macau WeChat Mini Programs).

Cardholders must present their Card when they use the Points to purchase merchandise at any of the Participating Stores, or when they collect the products reserved via DFS Hong Kong or Macau WeChat Mini Program at the Participating Store they selected. The sales associate in-store may ask to see the Cardholder’s valid photo ID to verify their identity. Redeemed Points cannot be restored and Points earned are non-transferable and not exchangeable for cash.

Points can only be redeemed by the Cardholder presenting the Card in person. DFS will not be responsible for any Points claimed to have been redeemed by any person other than the Cardholder. DFS’s records shall be conclusive as to the Point balance or deficit in the Cardholder’s account.

Deduction of Points for refunds

If the Cardholder returns a product for which Points were earned, DFS reserves the right to deduct from their account the number of Points earned in the original purchase transaction. If the Cardholder does not have sufficient outstanding Points to accommodate the returned purchase, or their latest account Point balance is negative, the store will process an exchange instead of a refund.

Transactions paid for by using Points, gifts or Point vouchers in full or in part are not eligible for monetary refunds. Only a product exchange of equal value will be allowed for such transactions.

Points expiry and account termination

Points credited to the Cardholder’s account are valid for 24 months from date of Qualifying Purchase.

The Cardholder’s membership can be terminated by them anytime. DFS may terminate their membership and associated accounts at any time under the following circumstances:

1. If the Cardholder breaches these Conditions.

2. If the Cardholder is involved in suspected fraud.

3. If the ensuring sales and services to the Cardholder would constitute breaches of laws on international commercial and economic sanctions (i.e., embargos, international financial sanctions, and export/import controls) or violations of the LVMH Group policy in relation to international sanctions.

Upon termination, all accumulated and unredeemed Points shall be forfeited.

Points Exceptions

Points cannot be earned or redeemed for purchases at certain brands/boutiques or to purchase certain branded products even at participating DFS and T Galleria stores. The same applies for redemption of LOYAL T Point Vouchers which may be used only to purchase items from selected participating brands.

Selected items are not eligible for earning and/or redeeming Points. Please check with sales associates in-store for the list of exclusions.

Points cannot be earned or redeemed when an account is suspended, discontinued and / or terminated or in conjunction with any purchase for which another promotional discount or offer is accepted by DFS. Such other promotions include, but are not limited to, those associated with or sponsored by airlines, hotels, credit card issuers, travel agencies or any other DFS partners.

Points cannot be earned and no Points, LOYAL T Points Vouchers and/or gift certificates can be redeemed for the purchase of tobacco (including cigars) and for the purchase of alcoholic beverages (where applicable laws prohibit such earning/redemption or if DFS decides in its sole discretion not to allow such earning and/or redemption in any such jurisdiction(s)).

Points cannot be earned on products purchases that are determined to exceed the following “Reasonable Use Guidelines” that are subject to change by DFS at any time without notice: Beauty purchases may not exceed 6 pieces per item or 24 pieces per month. Watches & jewelry purchases may not exceed 3 pieces per item for any brand or more than 4 transactions per month. Fashion purchases may not exceed 3 pieces per item, sales exclusions apply. Any misuse of the Card that does not comply with the Reasonable Use Guidelines may result in the permanent termination of the Cardholder’s membership to the Program, resulting in the loss of all Points earned, without any right to compensation.

Privacy and Data Protection

By completing the Customer Enrolment Form and submitting it to DFS, the Cardholder agrees to provide their personal information voluntarily for the purposes of processing their enrolment in the Program and to enable DFS to provide them with benefits and services under the Program. The Cardholder has the right to request access to and correct their personal information. Please refer to the DFS Privacy Policy posted on the relevant DFS Platform for details.

DFS intends to use and transfer the Cardholder’s personal information for (i) direct marketing and (ii) market research, but only if the Cardholder consents. By providing their personal information on the Customer Enrolment Form, submitting the Customer Enrolment Form to DFS and ticking the box provided on the Customer Enrolment Form “I consent to my personal data being used for direct marketing and other purposes as described in Privacy Policy listed at dfs.com website”, the Cardholder consents that:

DFS may use the personal information that they have provided for direct marketing, that is, DFS may contact the Cardholder about news, events and promotions related to DFS stores, the customer LOYAL T Program and the following products and services: watches, jewelry, perfume and cosmetics, fashion and accessories, food and alcoholic beverages;

DFS may transfer the Cardholder’s personal information to any DFS Group companies for use by them in direct marketing for the above products and services; and

DFS may send the Cardholder’s personal information to a market research company engaged by DFS, by transmission of electronic data or submission of documents, for the purpose of consumer research and that the market research company may contact the Cardholder for such consumer research purpose.

The Cardholder may withdraw their consent to the use of their personal information for direct marketing and/or to be contacted for consumer research at any time by emailing dpo@DFS.com, or by writing to DFS at: DFS Group Limited, Attn: Data Protection Officer, 15-17/F, One Taikoo Place, Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.


DFS shall not be liable for any non-performance of the Program, if the non-performance is attributable to the Cardholder or to an event of force majeure. In the event of a dispute over the number of Points accumulated, only the information contained in the DFS database will be considered authentic, unless proven otherwise.