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This stone complex is the new haven for holistic and natural beauty in Paris. Manicures and feet treatments provided by eco-friendly nail specialist Kure Bazaar and hair treatments by resident and guest hair artistes (cuts, styling, coloring): an innovative, eco-friendly one-stop-shop approach in the heart of Paris, brought to you in collaboration with Philip Martin's and Iles Formula. Canadian laboratory Theío Vitality will be debuting its innovative, scientific hair analysis, which reveals the mineral and chemical composition of the human body so that you can maximize your nutritional health as well as hair and nail beauty treatments.
Haircuts starting from €75
Manicures starting from €38


Kure Bazaar is today's leading eco-friendly beauty brand on the French and international luxury market. Its vibrant on-trend colors go hand-in-hand with its ethical, eco-friendly formula. Here, you are guaranteed sublime hand and foot treatments in style. Characterized by a strong Parisian influence, Kure Bazaar is taking advantage of the grand opening by offering a wide range of innovative products produced using healthy, eco-friendly formulas.


The Iles Formula range of hair care products is the creation of Wendy Iles, high-flying hairdresser extraordinaire originally from Australia who now lives in Paris and provides her talent for hair to a variety of celebrities. A minimalist 3-step collection for exceptional hair repair that is visible from the very first application. The formulas contain powerful natural ingredients (root-vegetable juice, tucuma palm, pracaxi oil, soy proteins, and more) and are adapted to all hair types for deep fiber repair and a super soft and silky finish.


A brand founded upon a set of key principles: the balance between science and nature to boost effectiveness thanks to botanical ingredients, respect for the environment in terms of chemical usage, awareness of textures to please the senses, social responsibility, an ultra-professional approach through an impressive range of subtle products suitable for each specific need, from hair-care shampoo to coloring products and hair-styling products. Best sellers that are popular with hair professionals and customers alike, such as pure aloe gel and Babassu volumizing scrub or shampoo.


Color products from hair-care brand Philip Martin's are a custom selection of raw ingredients mixed with bio-oils in a natural hair-friendly formula, which provides long-lasting color and shine without using any chemicals. More than just color, these products nourish and protect your hair and scalp. For those in search of totally natural products, the Philip Martin's henné hair color is also available — 100% natural and organic and with no sodium picramate. A palette of 8 nuanced tones, achieved from a precise mix of 11 natural herbs, ingredients and natural products for delicate coloring.

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