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  • MATIERE PREMIERE fragrances highlight the beauty of a central natural ingredient. Designed by Aurélien Guichard, parfumer and founder, the collection is rooted in a resolutely modern formulation, to offer an unrivalled trail.
    Jan 10,2024 - Jan 29,2024
  • Jul 2,2024 - Jul 31,2024
  • Jul 2,2024 - Jul 31,2024
  • Jun 26,2024 - Jul 23,2024
  • Jul 3,2024 - Jul 23,2024
  • Jul 10,2024 - Jul 23,2024
  • Jul 2,2024 - Aug 26,2024
  • Jun 14,2024 - Jun 30,2024
  • Jun 5,2024 - Jul 1,2024
  • Jun 1,2024 - Jul 31,2024
  • Jun 4,2024 - Jul 1,2024
  • Succumb to the sheer indulgence of outdoor sports and yoga this summer under the department store glass roof, and be zen all season long.
    Jun 5,2024 - Jul 30,2024
  • Jun 12,2024 - Jun 25,2024
  • The house of CELINE has chosen la Samaritaine, the prestigious French luxury department store in Paris to introduce its 2024 Plein Soleil collection.
    May 15,2024 - Jul 1,2024
  • From May 23 to June 23, discover on the ground floor of Samaritaine
    May 23,2024 - Jun 23,2024
  • May 13,2024 - May 20,2024
  • Discover sunglasses of the eponymous brand of the founder and artistic director.
    Apr 30,2024 - May 30,2024
  • Take classes that combine sports and meditation at Samaritaine and discover coach Ambre Ben Daoud’s concept, focused on women’s wellness and young moms in particular.
    May 16,2024 - Jun 23,2024
  • Nothing's too much when it comes to your beauty care! From April 19 to 28,
    Apr 19,2024 - Apr 28,2024
  • Until June 3rd 2024 , the Japanese brand Snow Peak is unveiling its history
    Apr 3,2024 - Jun 3,2024
  • It’s time to discover the essential brushes you need in your everyday makeup kit.
    Apr 3,2024 - Apr 30,2024
  • Arnaud Poulain created Les Eaux Primordiales in 2015 with the belief perfume is the most beautiful way to assert someone’s singularity.
    Apr 3,2024 - Apr 30,2024
  • Discover the unique experience of beauty by light during a free session at the Lucibel·le Paris Beauty Light Bar at Lucibel·le Paris' Beauty Light Bar.
    Mar 13,2024 - Jun 30,2024
  • It plumps, nourishes and smoothes thanks to a blend of peptides
    Mar 25,2024 - Mar 31,2024
  • Samaritaine’s Petits Prix available on an in-store selection. Let’s get started now !
    Feb 7,2024 - Feb 29,2024
  • Italian artist Irene Cattaneo has always been fascinated by light and material. Based in Venice, she discovered glassmaking in Murano.
    Feb 7,2024 - Apr 23,2024
  • Since 2017, Lee Shulman has been collecting slides dating from the 1950s to the 1970s.
    Feb 7,2024 - Apr 23,2024
  • A Parisian house founded by David Benedek in 2016, BDK Parfums draws inspiration from the heritage of French perfumery and imagines contemporary and urban creations.
    Jan 26,2024 - Feb 29,2024
  • Starting February 7, embark on a tour of Paris and Venice, cities of love and glamour.
    Jan 31,2024 - Feb 7,2024
  • Since the creation of its first chronograph in 1878 and still today, Longines has always been a pioneer in the field of timekeeping. Driven by a spirit of innovation and a keen interest in the world of sports, the brand has been associated with alpine skiing since the beginning of the 20th century.
    Dec 31,2023 - Jan 2,2024
  • With its avant-garde Chain Lab concept, Persée invites customers to create unbreakable bonds.
    Nov 30,2023 - Jan 8,2024
  • Enter to the Atelier des Rêves of La Collection Privée Christian Dior and explore the couture universe of this private line from the Dior Maison.
    Dec 4,2023 - Jan 8,2024
  • Take advantage of 20% off the second watch and jewelry item purchased* until December 17. A good reason to treat yourself while preparing your Christmas gifts!
    Dec 9,2023 - Dec 17,2023
  • Looking for the perfect gift? Give the GHD legend as a gift and create infinite hairstyles with our limited-edition gift sets.
    Dec 5,2023 - Jan 2,2024
  • A cavalcade of gift ideas for the festive season.
    Nov 15,2023 - Jan 2,2024
  • Do you know what flowers taste like? Can you decipher their botanical secrets? Create your own flower wreath on Sunday 10/12 at 10am (duration 1 hour, price 60€) and refine your palate on 17/12 at 10am or 11am on the 5th floor of the store (duration 40 minutes, price 30€).
    Dec 10,2023 - Dec 17,2023
  • On the program: demonstration, production and painting with edible watercolors on pretty Christmas cookies on Sunday 26/11 and 3/12.
    Nov 26,2023 - Dec 4,2023
  • The Italian Maison unveils their High Perfumery pop-up at Samaritaine. Level -1, Beauty spot
    Oct 5,2023 - Nov 15,2023
  • An exclusive first look, Heristoria is showcasing a veritable cabinet of curiosities at Samaritaine - touting vintage pieces that embody the heritage of the LVMH Houses. Jewelry, watches, fashion, leather goods or wines and spirits that evoke Samaritaine's surrealist theme will be featured and later available online on the Heristoria website.
    Oct 5,2023 - Oct 15,2023
  • From 2 to 30 November, discover Skinceuticals and their antioxidant serums with pure vitamin C. Opt for advanced protection with clinically proven skin care products to prevent skin aging.
    Nov 2,2023 - Dec 4,2023
  • The sensual and feminine Italian brand has pounced on Samaritaine's surrealist theme with a pop-up on the first floor of the store.
    Sep 26,2023 - Oct 10,2023
  • From September 5 and exclusively at Samaritaine, Martine Skin will be on hand in a dedicated space to demonstrate its products with high concentrations of active ingredients, at least 95% of which are from natural origins.
    Sep 5,2023 - Jan 8,2024
  • For the next six months, this iconic brand will have its very own corner at Samaritaine.
    Sep 4,2023 - Mar 31,2024
  • Sep 1,2023 - Oct 2,2023
  • Since 1913, Prada has been creating dialogue and challenging conventions, signalling new changes with radical elegance, intellectual purity, and unrestricted creative experimentation.
    Sep 1,2023 - Oct 31,2023
  • True to their passion for big names in interior design and decoration, the JMH Decoration and Galerie Pradier-Jeauneau dynamic duo will offer a selection of vintage pieces that are as striking as trendy.
    Sep 1,2023 - Oct 31,2023
  • Exclusive to select UnionPay cardholders, enjoy a 80€ discount when you make a single net purchase of 1 600€ at Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf by DFS.*
    Aug 1,2023 - Aug 31,2023
  • Greece comes to Samaritaine! Founded by Julien Gantheret and Jean-Philippe Selle, Gallika specializes in Greek street food, with made-to-order pitas and bowls full of fresh and seasonal produce.
    Aug 10,2023 - Oct 31,2023
  • Discover New Beauty at Samaritaine, an opportunity to seek inspiration from the latest, most desirable trends and brands. It's a new approach that lets you shine and adapts to your needs for total well-being.
    Aug 2,2023 - Aug 31,2023
  • Ready to take off on a daring adventure? Drawing inspiration from the cockpits of military jets, the RESERVOIR Airfight collection is sure to take you to new heights.
    Jul 12,2023 - Sep 13,2023
  • Samaritaine is showcasing a Longines pop-up and an event dedicated to this celebrated horse race. It isn't too great a jump from the little Magic City carousel horses to the Prix de Diane Longines!
    Jun 5,2023 - Jun 19,2023
  • For the Fête de la Musique, a host of talented performers will be putting on shows never seen before!
    Jun 21,2023 - Jun 21,2023
  • The brand is bringing its artisans all the way from Guatemala to offer you a bespoke jewelry customization service. In under ten minutes you'll find yourself adorned with a unique bracelet, handmade before your eyes!
    Jun 10,2023 - Jun 11,2023
  • Découvrez le savoir-faire de Maison Lesage et l’iconique parfum La vie est belle de Lancôme.
    Jun 1,2023 - Jun 4,2023
  • High-end hair styling brand GHDis bringing its expertise to Samaritaine from June 1 to August 31 !
    Jun 1,2023 - Aug 31,2023
  • The Best Bouquets for Mother's Day
    Jun 1,2023 - Jun 4,2023
  • From May 17 to June 5, Maje are unpacking their bags and checking into Samaritaine.
    May 17,2023 - Jun 5,2023
  • Hula hoop your way to peak physical fitness with HoopTonic®!
    May 28,2023 - Jul 9,2023
  • Jusqu’au 30 mai, la Samaritaine consacre un espace à la marque de beauté Flora, au niveau -1 du magasin !
    Apr 28,2023 - May 30,2023
  • Want to show your hair some love? Revive your locks with Davines, a family-run company committed to sustainable beauty.
    Apr 17,2023 - May 30,2023
  • The experts in eyelashes and eyebrows will be at Samaritaine until August 31. It's the perfect opportunity for some you-time.
    Mar 1,2023 - Aug 31,2023
  • Discover Sherwood—a new eau de parfum from Memo Paris inspired by Robin Hood's famous hideout—on the ground floor at Samaritaine.
    Feb 27,2023 - Apr 30,2023
  • Feb 17,2023 - Feb 17,2023
  • Discover the Barbara Sturm brand through consultations and free facials.
    Jan 4,2023 - Feb 19,2023
  • March LA.B presents the exclusive result of a joint collaboration: the BELZA GITANA. A marine watch, at ease in all sailing conditions. Available in two limited editions: pink bronze or steel.
    Feb 10,2023 - Apr 3,2023
  • Discover an exclusive pop-up and take back the power over your sensitive skin with the Calm collection. This range concentrates the scientific know-how of its founder Paula Begun and offers you products adapted to all skin types.
    Feb 21,2023 - Apr 2,2023
  • On the sidelines of Fashion Week, hair is the star of the catwalk at La Samaritaine!
    Mar 4,2023 - Mar 5,2023
  • Get back in the swing of things with JYMP founder Morgane Miller's muscular jump rope classes. Bounce your body and mane on the 5th floor of the Voyage store.
    Mar 5,2023 - Apr 23,2023
  • For Valentine's Day, come and enjoy a free tasting of the Méchant Loup, a fruity and tangy cocktail to celebrate the people you love
    Feb 4,2023 - Feb 11,2023
  • To celebrate love, Usure Studio partners with Studio Francosse to offer you a personalized embroidery to spice up your new piece vintage.
    Feb 11,2023 - Feb 12,2023
  • A word, a first name or initials, a date... the engraving of a Guerlain bottle shows a delicate attention towards a loved one.
    Feb 11,2023 - Feb 11,2023
  • La Bouche Rouge offers you an engraving " I ❤️ U " for each lipstick and case purchased.
    Feb 11,2023 - Feb 12,2023
  • Discover the new collaboration between RESERVOIR and LABELNOIR featuring the famous cartoon character Popeye.
    Feb 3,2023 - Feb 5,2023
  • We are pleased to invite you to discover our Hermès beauty & fragrance space at La Samaritaine. During your visit, enjoy a beauty consultation with a make-up artist.
    Dec 10,2022 - Dec 17,2022
  • Get ready for the holidays with Westman Atelier and find the perfect foundation that will reveal your skin.
    Dec 1,2022 - Dec 10,2022
  • Discover the exceptional EX NIHILO perfumes and benefit from a free olfactory consultation of Layering on reservation.
    Dec 2,2022 - Dec 9,2022
  • Samaritaine has lined up a host of activities to entice both young and old, and make the fun last until Christmas.
    Nov 9,2022 - Dec 26,2022
  • Great adventurers of synths and tourists of love, Charlotte Fever defy day after day the gloom of the Parisian climate with disco balls and tropical cocktails.
    Nov 12,2022 - Nov 12,2022
  • Warm up your hips! Dancefloor Paris' iconic dance lessons are about to awaken the Lady Gaga, Madonna or Mariah Carey in you.
    Nov 20,2022 - Dec 18,2022
  • Discover Aurélien Lehmann, a virtuoso tap dancer for a tap dance demonstration inspired by the musical 42nd Street at the Théâtre du Châtelet.
    Nov 26,2022 - Nov 27,2022
  • On October 22nd and 29th, enjoy a free hair diagnosis, advice and dry styling with Cut by Fred! Book your 30min appointment with Frank.
    Oct 22,2022 - Oct 22,2022
  • Cosmoss by Kate Moss
    Sep 26,2022 - Sep 26,2022
  • Attend a demonstration of skateboard engraving and customization by the artist Jean Ewen.
    Sep 24,2022 - Sep 24,2022
  • Facialist Tatiana Justeau offers 30-minute self-massage workshops to introduce you to the benefits of facial yoga with Holidermie Beauty Tools.
    Sep 24,2022 - Sep 25,2022
  • Go into arty mode with nail art by Manucurist
    Sep 25,2022 - Sep 25,2022
  • No time to get bored at Samaritaine! From September 7 till the end of October, experience live performances, exhibitions, artistic collaborations and other exciting happenings in-store. Keep your diaries ready, you’ll want to mark these down...
    Sep 7,2022 - Nov 8,2022
  • Do you dream of discovering the secrets hidden behind the scenes of Samaritaine?
    Sep 17,2022 - Sep 18,2022
  • Art is built from needle to thread. On September 17, Desire Moheb-Zandi will introduce your nimble fingers to the artistry of weaving by beginning a collaborative piece of ribbonwork that will build up over time.
    Sep 17,2022 - Sep 17,2022
  • Nature is putting down its roots at Samaritaine! On September 24 and 25, admire the live performance of artist Léona Rose as she transforms the Rivoli garden into a vibrant, lively jungle.
    Sep 24,2022 - Sep 25,2022
  • Practice dynamic Hatha yoga in an unforgettable setting bathed in natural light…
    Sep 13,2022 - Sep 13,2022
  • In her creative workshop, artist Cécilia Granara is reviving the mysterious art of the sigil with an introduction to this magical practice that combines drawing and writing. Visit us on October 8 to find out more.
    Oct 8,2022 - Oct 8,2022
  • From September 7, awaken your inner artist by coloring the iconic Leblon Delienne logo in your own style – before seeing it merge into a piece of collective digital artwork.
    Sep 7,2022 - Nov 8,2022
  • On October 22, the artist BLOWSOM will transport you into his retro-electro universe with two 20-minute performances. Want to know more about this musical gem and his one-of-a-kind artsy vibes?
    Oct 22,2022 - Oct 22,2022
  • This summer, Samaritaine is taking inspiration from the most iconic seaside resort. A dip in the sea, beach cabanas and beams of sunlight — welcome to the latest must-visit beach getaway, Paris-les-Flots!
    May 18,2022 - Aug 31,2022
  • See you instore to taste the delicious “esquimows”, gourmet marshmallows covered in chocolate of the brand Maison Carrousel.
    Jul 16,2022 - Jul 16,2022
  • See you at Samaritaine to customize your Ancient Greek Sandals bag with hot foil stamping.
    Jul 9,2022 - Jul 9,2022
  • Come at Samaritaine this week-end and discover the new beveradge Chandon Garden Spritz from the wine and spirits brand Chandon. *
    Jul 9,2022 - Jul 10,2022
  • Enjoy Ho Karan's anti-stress iced infusions and chocolate truffles, and discover their entire line of natural decompressants.
    Jul 8,2022 - Jul 10,2022
  • Enjoy a handcrafted embroidery service by personalizing your Maxi Shelley with Bulgari and its new Allegra fragrance collection.
    Jul 23,2022 - Jul 23,2022
  • Every Saturday until August 27, explore the range of Polaroid cameras and capture the moment with a souvenir shot.
    May 27,2022 - Aug 27,2022
  • To celebrate its 10th French Championship title, Paris Saint-Germain has teamed up with DFLY, a Parisian jeweler with a contemporary design and French manufacture, to create a signet ring and a pendant, both sporty and chic. The club's logo is transformed into a victorious star and the 10 historic dates are engraved there forever.
    Jul 12,2022 - Aug 31,2022
  • Come and personnalize your fouta and create your own unique beach accessory with the brand Inoui Editions.
    Jul 2,2022 - Jul 3,2022
  • Discover the products that Business & Pleasure has to offer.
    Jun 25,2022 - Jun 25,2022
  • Meet the founders of the Thomsen beauty brand for a discussion on natural cosmetics with a face yoga specialist.
    Jun 25,2022 - Jun 25,2022
  • Join us for a demonstration where Destree will show off their expertise in creating summer headwear.
    Jun 25,2022 - Jun 25,2022
  • Create a look that matches your complexion in a masterclass with experts from ByTerry.
    Jun 25,2022 - Jun 26,2022
  • Discover the expertise at Les Couronnes de Victoire and customize your hair clips with some extra glitz and glamour.
    Jun 25,2022 - Jun 25,2022
  • Celebrate every dads instore with the brand K-WAY, which offers you a personalized family portrait made live by the illustrator Damien Cuypers!
    Jun 18,2022 - Jun 18,2022
  • Come and watch the construction of a life-size sand castle made by the artist Enguerrand.
    Jun 16,2022 - Jun 18,2022
  • To celebrate dads, visit the store and enjoy an exclusive ephemeral tattoo workshop!
    Jun 18,2022 - Jun 18,2022
  • For dads who like to work on their creativity, the brand Bacanha invites you to participate in a mocktail creation and tasting workshop.
    Jun 18,2022 - Jun 18,2022
  • Through an enriched digital experience, travel through the world of Longines' Spirit line of watches, inspired by legendary adventurers and pilots.
    Jun 9,2022 - Jun 19,2022
  • Meet-up at Prêt-à-Pousser pop-up store, expert in connected vegetable gardens, to taste the latest products coming directly from their planters.
    Jun 11,2022 - Jun 11,2022
  • For this summer only, see you in store to customize your iconic Raphia bag from the beautiful brand Vanessa Bruno.
    Jun 11,2022 - Jun 11,2022
  • Visit the store to give your Charlotte Chesnais jewelry a summery touch with a braiding workshop organized by the brand.
    Jun 3,2022 - Jun 4,2022
  • In exclusivity for Mother’s Day, take advantage of a unique offer for a never-before-seen glow. Visit the Orveda counter for a free skin consultation & exclusive Glow face treatment, and all this with no appointment necessary.
    May 26,2022 - May 29,2022
  • May 28,2022 - May 5,2022
  • To celebrate moms everywhere, head to the Rivoli truck for a free and exclusive temporary-tattoo workshop!
    May 28,2022 - May 29,2022
  • Notice to music lovers! Come to Rivoli this Saturday to attend a special concert by the pianist and pop singer MATILD.
    May 21,2022 - May 21,2022
  • Come and attend to a live demonstration of a Boks & Baum crochet bag and jewelry manufacturing and discover the unique know-how of the brand.
    May 21,2022 - May 21,2022
  • Come and taste the special Mother's Day creation from Confiture Parisienne and personalize your gift box with dried flowers.
    May 28,2022 - May 28,2022
  • La Colline offers you a personalized skin diagnosis by a brand expert.
    May 21,2022 - May 22,2022
  • Come and discover the behind the scenes of the Belgian designer brand Valentine Witmeur Lab with the creators Valentine and Arthur, who will be there to answer all of your questions.
    May 7,2022 - May 8,2022
  • Come to be the model of a fashion sketch, personalized with your effigy by the students of ESMOD Paris.
    May 7,2022 - May 7,2022
  • Come and discover the brand Evoleum and receive your personalized skin diagnosis.
    Apr 21,2022 - Apr 21,2022
  • Come and discover the iconic Pillow Talk collection of Charlotte Tilbury through masterclass with the brand's experts.
    Apr 23,2022 - Apr 24,2022
  • Hot Stamping Demonstration. Personalized key ring offered from 250€ of purchase in the store. 3rd floor, Pont-Neuf Side.
    Apr 23,2022 - Apr 23,2022
  • Assouline invites you to discover the mysterious enigmas of the Moon through an astrology event in store.
    Apr 30,2022 - Apr 30,2022
  • The jewelry house Chaumet and Samaritaine are pleased to invite you to take a break from the norm and come and meet the artists and friends of the Maison Chaumet in the lounge on Level 2 of Samaritaine.
    Apr 20,2022 - May 5,2022
  • Enjoy a special moment with a NARS Makeup Artist and receive a travel-sized Radiant Creamy Concealer with the purchase of 2 NARS products*.
    Apr 16,2022 - Apr 17,2022
  • Discover the art of hand weaving with textile designer and illustrator Flett Bertram.
    Apr 16,2022 - Apr 16,2022
  • On the afternoon of April 16, chocolatiers at Le chocolat des Français will be displaying their Easter treats where you'll be able to enjoy a cocoa-rich tasting session. Pop by Boutique de Loulou on the ground floor to join the experience!
    Apr 16,2022 - Apr 16,2022
  • See you at the beauty table! The Giorgio Armani brand invites you to attend to a personalized make-up workshop.
    Apr 8,2022 - Apr 10,2022
  • See you at the beauty table! The brand YVES SAINT LAURENT makes you discover the most subversive beauty signature of the Parisian brands!
    Apr 8,2022 - Apr 10,2022
  • Gauchere has quickly carved out a place for itself in the big leagues with its minimalist style which borrows elements from masculine staples. On April 9th at Pont-Neuf, designer Marie-Christine Statz will be available to answer all of your questions as part of a workshop, during which a pattern maker will bring a ready-to-wear garment to life before your very eyes.
    Apr 9,2022 - Apr 9,2022
  • Discover the behind-the-scenes of clog making with MIISTA's craftsmen on the 4th floor of the Pont-Neuf building from 2:00 to 6:00PM. But that's not all! The brand has another surprise in store for you... Meet Laura, founder and designer of Miista, at Dinette by Dalloyau, on the 1st floor, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm, who will answer all of your questions.
    Apr 9,2022 - Apr 9,2022
  • Rendez-vous this Saturday at the Workshop to learn how to embellish your textiles and clothes, using boro, a traditional Japanese stitching technique.
    Apr 9,2022 - Apr 9,2022
  • Ever dreamed of learning how to handle knitting needles like a pro?
    Apr 9,2022 - Apr 9,2022
  • The makeup artists at Bobbi Brown will be letting you in on their secrets with a special event at the Beauty department's makeup table.
    Apr 2,2022 - Apr 3,2022
  • Come and adorn your favorite Guerlain fragrances with tassels and silk threads. The brand invites you to discover the magnificent know-how of their famous "dames de table" during an in-store demonstration.
    Apr 2,2022 - Apr 2,2022
  • The makeup artists at MAC Cosmetics will be letting you in on their secrets with a special event at the Beauty department's makeup table.
    Apr 2,2022 - Apr 3,2022
  • Join AGOLDE in-store for an exclusive denim customization workshop. Make your purchase unique with a special hand-embroidered design.
    Apr 2,2022 - Apr 2,2022
  • Who said you can't dress up to go to bed?
    Apr 2,2022 - Apr 3,2022
  • We Are Knitters offers you to discover and learn the basics of knitting by making a snood or a headband in 100% natural wool.
    Mar 26,2022 - Mar 26,2022
  • Come and discover the secrets behind Benjamin Benmoyal's ancestral weaving machine through a live demonstration.
    Mar 26,2022 - Mar 26,2022
  • March 19th, discover the artistic craftsmanship of Sneakers & Chill very bests and enjoy a flash customization of your sneakers or leather works.
    Mar 19,2022 - Mar 19,2022
  • Absolut legend, worldwide must, Guerlain terracotta powder catches all the sun's golden hints and highlights perfectly your skin tone. Our Guerlain beauty expert will teach you the good gestures to reveal your natural beauty in just a few brush strokes.
    Mar 19,2022 - Mar 20,2022
  • Immerse yourself in the poetic and bohemian universe of the children's brand N°74, during an unprecedented demonstration around the embroidery savoir-faire of the Maison.
    Mar 12,2022 - Mar 12,2022
  • Uncover the world of style in all its guises at Samaritaine. Visit the store for one-of-a-kind events that lay bare each step in the life of a collection.
    Feb 16,2022 - May 17,2022
  • With a discovery of heritage and architectural surprises, Samaritaine invites you to experience a joyful and unexpected journey.
    Sep 18,2021 - Sep 30,2022
  • Come to be the model of a fashion sketch, personalized with your effigy by the students of ESMOD Paris 1st floor, Pont-Neuf
    Mar 5,2022 - Mar 5,2022
  • After launching its Giant Advent Calendar event, Samaritaine is adding even more sparkle to the festive season. Throughout December, discover a multitude of exclusive in-store events organized by your favorite brands. Engravings, workshops, customizations and more! There's a surprise waiting for you around every corner at Samaritaine!
    Dec 1,2021 - Dec 31,2021
  • Samaritaine has plenty of surprises in store for its first-ever Christmas celebrations. What kinds of festivities are lined up? Spellbinding events, a cornucopia of wonderful prizes to be won and thousands of ideas to help you spoil your loved ones.
    Nov 10,2021 - Dec 31,2021
  • Rendez-vous le week-end du 18 et du 19 septembre sur l’espace beauté au niveau -1 pour y découvrir de nombreuses surprises imaginées par vos marques préférées !
    Sep 18,2021 - Sep 19,2021
  • The Danish-born artist is one of Samaritaine's guests. Inspired by urban landscapes, Daniel Van Der Noon proposes a reinterpretation of Samaritaine and its neighborhood.
    Jun 25,2021 - Jun 26,2021
  • Replay the iconic King Kong advertisement at Samaritaine and bring home your video or photo.
    Jun 23,2021 - Aug 31,2021
  • Polaroid presents six new and original images of Samaritaine.
    Jun 23,2021 - Aug 31,2021
  • A retrospective of Samaritaine’s best advertisements.
    Jun 23,2021 - Dec 31,2021