Anniversary 150+1

April 8, 2022

150+1 years. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, an extra special cake was needed at Samaritaine! Creator Elsa Muse designed a staggering seven tier cake that embodies the values of the store and recounts its history under the proud and watchful eyes of its founders.

Inspired by the contemporary zoetrope technique used in the building's construction (itself inspired by early cinema), the sugar characters are animated as the cake turns around, giving a taste of the sparkling celebration to come. Best of all, you can see it with your own eyes on the Rivoli side from September!
Born to be Samaritaine! For 10 years, Elsa Muse (real name Elsa Snackers), a self-taught, multitalented creator, has been playing with reality, shaping it unexpectedly with humor and audacity using various animation techniques (stop-motion, drawings, 3D animation, etc.). A Parisian, visionary and optimist, she embodies the values of Samaritaine. Involved from design to creation, Elsa Muse treats us to this deliciously twisted birthday cake to mark the occasion, as well as a film and Instagram filter.