July 13, 2022

The Mandopop King, Jay Chou, signals his comeback with a new video and album “Greatest Works of Art“, mixing history and culture in the heart of the new Parisian destination: Samaritaine.

The video tells the story of a time travel adventure in Paris, when Jay Chou breaks into Samaritaine at night to play the piano under the iconic glass roof. A magical secret passage allows him to travel to the Paris of the 20s . He meets many artists such as Magritte, Dali, Monet, Xu Zhimo, Sanyu, and the famous pianist Lang Lang. Following a ""piano battle"" with his friend, he finds himself propelled back to 2022 at Samaritaine where he meets with Lang Lang, the international piano maestro, a musical and artistic talent of the present time.​​

With this new visual creation, the fruit of his unbridled imagination, Jay Chou combines painting and literature through music, merging reality and virtuality, bridging the past and the present.

It was in 2016, during the shooting of his previous video ""Love Confession"" in Paris on the banks of the Seine river, that Jay Chou had noticed the huge refurbishment of Samaritaine next to the Louvre. In 2019, he visited this mythical Parisian department store during its renovations fell in love and then decided to shoot his new Parisian video there in the Fall of 2021, right after its reopening.​​

Reflecting these cultural and fashion inspirations, Samaritaine is the architectural embodiment of Jay Chou's artistic vision: a perfect balance between the Art Nouveau past of its historic building, and the modernity of its new corrugated glass building.

About Jay Chou​

Jay Chou, is a complete artist beloved by hundreds of millions of fans in Asia. He is a singer, composer, director, actor, art collector, presenter and magician. Born on January 18th, 1979 in Chinese Taipei, Taiwan, he is married and has 3 children. His career has been rewarded many times and has been collaborator and ambassador of several major international brands such as PSG, Tudor, and Sotheby's.​

Since the age of 4, Jay Chou has studied the piano and cello. In 2000, his first album, ""Jay"", propelled him to stardom. His musical style is a fusion of Eastern and Western traditions, with powerful lyrics and a very personal storytelling style. His second album, ""Fantasy"" and the five that followed earned him hundreds of millions of fans of all ages throughout Asia.

Jay Chou began his acting career in 2005 and has appeared in two Hollywood films,: “The Green Hornet” and ""Now You See Me: The Second Act"", for which he wrote a song. He also sang the theme song for “Kung Fu Panda 3”. ​Jay Chou loves France and his video ""Love Confession"", with more than 230 million views, was shot in Paris. Back in the capital in 2022, this new music video the “Greatest Works of Art"" was produced with the assistance of the company JHB.fr​

Currently working on many projects in both music and film, Jay Chou plans to hold a concert in France in 2023,. Him and his family now occasionally reside in Paris.