Les Légendes Mondiales du Sport

May 28, 2024

The exhibition "Les Légendes Mondiales du Sport" retraces the great sporting moments from 1910 to the present day, featuring 100 iconic and unique items never before unveiled to the public until now. The collection you are about to see belongs to Terence Darrigade, a sports enthusiast who pays tribute to athletes, their performances, and the emotions experienced. Thanks to a partnership with L'Équipe, the immersion is enhanced, with front-page headlines and archival photos that allow reliving these great moments.

« Sport is both art and culture, bringing together all generations, all religions, all social classes. This is the feeling I seek to capture and share with sports fans, tourists and anyone who is curious. Sports memorabilia tells a story that deserves to be told.” - Terence Darrigade

Guided Tours

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Exhibition itinerary


Ground Floor, Rivoli side

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This impressive locker room showcases jerseys worn by athletes who have made history in cycling, athletics, rugby, volleyball, and handball. Find also a selection of items that belonged to highly popular American athletes in US football, ice hockey, golf and basketball. Ready to get into the spirit and match each athlete with their respective sport?

“The semi-finals did not go well, I was off my game. I felt Casañas and Davenport passing me, and my moral dropped completely. And then I went back into the stands, where I saw all my relatives, who had faith in me. From that moment, everything clicked, and I went back to being the winner that I had always been. When I arrive, I look up at the electronic scoreboard, and I see my photo. And when I look into the stands, I’m reassured. After all, I’m the one who won in the end! Because it wasn’t just handed to me.” - Guy Drut

© L'Equipe/Presse Sports

1st floor, footbridge

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Find here some great players who have made their mark on the worlwide history of football. From 1963 to 2022, these 9 jerseys span different eras and tell, on their own, the efforts, disappointments, and victories of the athletes who inspire generations.

With them, you won't be left on the sidelines.

1st floor, Pont-Neuf side (under the glass roof)

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Slide towards unknown and beyond but always towards victory with these off-road professionals! Whether it's surfing or biathlon, these athletes adapt to their environment to reach their goals. Are you more of a sea or mountain person?

These professionals of topspin, ace, or smash have all made their mark on tennis history. Step up to the net to guess who owns these five rackets!

“I know that this match will remain etched in tennis history, but I like being able to relive these moments through these objects, in this case this racket. I don’t know if it’s the racket that hit the match ball, but it’s the one with which I participated (…)It’s old now. Almost 14 years have passed, but when I think back, it’s not memories that come back to me, it’s emotions. What I felt on the court before, and especially after.” - Nicolas Mahut

Coordination, grace, power... These four French athletes share an exceptional sense of balance and technical skill. From strength to flexibility, they excel from the tatami to the ice rink. Make the leap from judo to gymnastics and figure skating!

“It's my medal kimono! An outstanding piece, just like the belt. And Athens has such a rich history of sport in the broadest sense... It's got a very special feel to it. This item has enormous value, yet at the same time it doesn't, as it's priceless and unique.” - Frédérique Jossinet

Whether they set sail, paddle in a canoe, swim, or race down slopes, these five athletes have pushed their limits to deliver impressive performances. Records broken!

© Expertise-Sports/Aline Leynet

Ground floor, Pont-Neuf side

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Shoot off with three racing aces! These Formula 1 and Rally prodigies are true stars of the circuits, with several major victories to their name. Their racing suits and helmets serve as evidence here. Stay in pole position!

Don't let your guard down while facing these legends of boxing and fencing! Dodging, sidestepping, and offensive maneuvers hold no secrets for these determined opponents. It's a showdown at the summit! 

Maintain the advantage with these two number one seeds! Over the past few decades, they have won several Grand Slam. Here, observe their rackets and sports gear, reminding of their training and glory days. 

The silhouettes worn by these two racket virtuosos have lost none of their splendor! Recall some of their great moments on the court. 

Measure yourself against the giants of basketball! These three European dribbling kings have played on the American team where their height - each standing over 2.10 meters - allows them to score baskets... with ease!

© Expertise-Sports/Aline Leynet


Samaritaine thanks Terence Darrigade for lending the 100 exceptional pieces showcased in this exhibition, Jean Marc Leynet for his expertise on this Collection, and l’Équipe for the richness of its photographic archive.

This exhibition is part of the program of the Cultural Olympiad Paris 2024.