September 12, 2022

Samaritaine gave carte blanche to the talented Marion Flament to imagine window displays full of creativity.

From September 7, you can admire seven unique window displays transformed into veritable works of art by the visual artist. A graduate of the École Boule as well as the Paris School of Decorative Arts, and an award winner from the Hermès academy of glass, Marion Flament is used to being inspired by the places in which she exhibits. By steeping herself in the soul of the buildings, she creates bespoke and poetic installations.



Blue triggers a sense of confidence and stimulates thought. This color is associated with the heavenly, the elevation of the soul, and the night. This work of art illustrates an anecdote related to Samaritaine's history: since it was the first department store in Paris to have electricity, its customers were attracted like moths. Thus, you can observe in this window many insects and luminous objects in a ghostly set up, dotted with stars of glass and a celestial body of the color of the night sky.



Turquoise is possibly the most exhilarating color of all. This shade of blue and green triggers an instinctive reaction that moves us deeply. It is directly associated with the water world. You can see here an aqueous gradient printed on a fluid and transparent support that follows the waves of the architecture of the new building. The gradient of colors interacts with a sphere of re-blown stained glass, projecting its optical aberrations and immersing the eye in an aquatic atmosphere.



Green is a reassuring color that symbolizes abundance and refreshment. It is associated with the vegetal world. This work of art highlights motifs that decorate the historic building. These Art Nouveau drawings, largely inspired by nature, offer a diversity of lush shapes. Plants come to life in volume, sculpted in clay. The ceramic vines intertwine with the neon lights and create a trompe l’œil with the stairs' ironwork projected by the 5th-floor canopy reflection.



Yellow is the most powerful color for the mind. It lifts the spirits, inspires confidence, and symbolizes light and time. That is why this work of art puts the sun under the spotlight. A large disc of fused stained glass spreads its rays, which are frozen in a bead curtain. On the ground, the colored sand dune is tinted with a golden reflection, like a projection from the historic building canopy. The light is thus crystallized, exhibited in the glass prism of the new building.



The color orange is stimulating and associated with energy and action. It recalls warmth, sun, fire and autumn. It spreads joy, pleasure, and optimism. To illustrate these emotions, this window showcases a wave of glass slides. This glass has been melted in the same materials as in the yellow window. Orange and yellow follow each other, like two associated colors: those of fusion. And these two windows are connected by the bead curtain. The glass slides follow the architecture in an inverted wave pattern that plays with the neon light.



Soft and warm, pink enhances the feeling of well-being and is the lunar symbol of femininity. This color has inspired this work of art, which illustrates the course of the pink and red moon: an exceptional natural phenomenon. It is said that during these nights, some species of flowers emerge from the ground and take the color of the star. This course is here made in chives, a shape highlighted in traditional blown glass. It is put into perspective by ceramic flowers and symbols related to the moon goddesses.


As for the Loulou store, its window with pink reflections recall the cycles of the Moon, and its mysterious path that breathes life into flowers and nature. A celestial creation, made of stars and eclipses!


In parallel to the artwork, each of the windows will place a designer in the spotlight: Casablanca, Courrèges, Khaite, Sacai, Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham. Their exceptional pieces will all play a major role in Marion Flament's works.