March 8, 2022

Do you want to become an artist for the day? That's what Paris-based design studio OMY is offering with its animation at Loulou, where it will unveil a brand-new digital personalization concept.

Have you heard of OMY Design & Play? Founded in 2012, the young Parisian brand designs quirky graphic lifestyle products that enable people of all ages to express their creativity. There are a multitude of items to be enjoyed (or collected!) from the fun and mischievous world of OMY, such as giant coloring posters, stickers with fun patterns and wearable 3D masks.

The studio's event will begin at Samaritaine on November 10, where it will unveil an arty new concept: the OMY Instant Illustrations Counter. Located in front of Loulou's windows, this new animation will allow customers to design, draw and edit their own pieces... in a few minutes!

How does it work? Using one of the counter's built-in screens, you can browse through thousands of OMY illustrations to create an avatar for yourself, your significant other, your family – or even your dog! Or you can create a personalized composition to delight your loved ones with an illustration featuring their favorite hobby or passion. Afterwards, let your imagination run wild by customizing your graphics as much as you like.

The final step is to bring your work to life by printing it on the medium of your choice. Stickers, mugs, framed posters, shopping bags, t-shirts or even cushion covers – it's up to you! Choose one and surprise your loved ones with a unique, fully personalized gift.