Samaritaine Paris À Poil(s)

December 20, 2023

To kick off the year, Samaritaine is going au naturel as it celebrates all things hair, texture and life. Paris à Poil(s) is an opportunity to strip things back and emerge from your cocoon just in time for summer. The event puts nature firmly back in the spotlight, right down to the store windows with their playful displays full of natural materials, fibers and colors. Many artists and brands have also drawn inspiration from the natural world, and are now turning to hair in all its forms as a source of discovery, comfort and experimentation for their work.

Samaritaine is giving carte blanche to hair artist Charlie Le Mindu and his creations, which are set to ruffle some feathers. With close ties to the world of fashion, this genius of "haute coiffure" uses his monumental and unprecedented work as an expression of his creativity. See his one-of-a-kind installation for yourself at Samaritaine.

A Stunning Selection

On the lookout for the latest trends? Discover unique yet gentle fashion that promotes natural materials, fluidity and transparency. After all, take care of nature and it'll give you the world. From playful materials to plays on words, the possibilities are endless with this selection of sleek products in the heart of the store.

Whether you have hair or fur and a tail, whether it's soft, thick, wiry or fluffy, the department store invites you to embrace your true self more than ever before! For your own mane or for your four-legged friends, there's no need to get a hair out of place: Samaritaine has it covered!

Even with the most energetic of lifestyles, your hair will always be in great shape at Samaritaine

Sleek, twirly or furry, these pieces and accessories always add a touch of elegance

From head to toe, no hair or fur will leave the store untamed.

Strength, resistance and tenacity: hair holds strong at Samaritaine

From the longest to the shortest, let your hair make a statement!

Il sait se faire doux et soyeux, le poil rime aussi avec (ré)confort !

Lâchés, longs jusqu’aux pieds ou emmêlés… La nature (de vos cheveux) reprend ses droits

When every day is a great hair day, you're sure to find comfort in your tresses.

Loose, floor-length or tangled, embrace life (and your hair) the way nature intended.

No fuss, the store has something to help your inner and outer beauty shine through.

There can be no order without disorder. Let your hair flow freely in its natural state!

Find something to unleash your wild side.