Paris Magic City

December 19, 2023

From May 17 to August 30, Samaritaine will be transformed into a lively and contemporary amusement park. Bright colors, tasty treats, activities and whimsy are all on the cards. 


Welcome to Magic City! 

One of the very first amusement parks built on the Parisian quays in 1900 thanks to the visionary Ernest Cognacq, is being brought back to life at Samaritaine. This revival strikes the perfect balance between historical heritage and mesmerizing modernity. 

What was once a playground for adults, with fairground attractions and dance floors, is sporting a new, contemporary look this season—Magic City invites you to reawaken your inner child. 

Let your hair down as you plunge into the ball pit, peek in the funhouse mirrors and have a taste of ice cream, all while taking in the sea of vibrant colors. Sequins, holographic effects and shades of purple, turquoise, pink and yellow are primed to invigorate the store.  


Traditional elements with a modern twist  

As the emblem of Samaritaine, peacocks will feature in many ways; see them adorn the windows and the iconic bayadère stripes, take aim at a peacock bullseye, or admire them at the center of the Ferris wheel or in the majestic façade at the store entrance. As for the summer collection, discover a range of exclusive products in vibrant colors.  


From movies to video games, digitalization opens up endless possibilities to explore, marvel and escape. 3D artist Clément Morin has created a digital artwork for the occasion that pays homage to this part of the store's history, with a slight twist to give it a modern feel. 


Like a colorful collage, Magic City blends traditional elements of the fairground with a contemporary edge. 


Paris Magic City at Samaritaine promises fun and entertainment for all ages!