Paris se prend au Jeu

April 29, 2024

From April 30 to September 8, 2024

This summer, France excitedly awaits the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, of which the department store is a partner! To mark the occasion, Samaritaine is celebrating physical activity with a fun, playful and inspiring approach, by creating a giant podium.

From the changing room to the finish line, this summer the department store is celebrating everyday athletes. Whether you're rushing to catch the bus, running up and down the steps of the metro four times a day, carrying groceries by hand, taking a dip in the fountains, navigating the streets of the capital by bike, rollerblade, scooter, or simply taking a stroll...

At Samaritaine, fashion is a sporting discipline! Get a head start and ride the wave to stay on top.

There's only one way to get to the runway... By running! Whether you're mid-marathon, at the peak of your performance, or recovering from an injury, you can catch the right look on the fly.

"Samaritaine Paris se prend au jeu" is also a way of passing the ball back to the store's founders, Ernest Cognacq and Marie-Louise Jay, in recognition of having opened the first gym dedicated to their employees in 1930. This tradition of well-being continues to resonate today… A healthy body is a healthy mind!

To keep you feeling relaxed in your sneakers, Samaritaine is stimulating our minds by investing in culture with artistic collaborations that focus on the team.

The exhibition Les Légendes Mondiales du Sport brings to life some of the greatest sporting events of the last 100 years through 100 iconic exhibits belonging to some of the world's greatest champions.

With Domestic Games, les femmes à l'épreuve, Camille Menard, an artist working under the name Agnst Design, has created a series of installations that highlight the relationship between sport and our daily lives while raising the issue of women's status in international sporting competitions.

At the invitation of Samaritaine, Fisheye presents a photographic exhibition by Enzo Lefort, Louis Vuitton and LVMH ambassador, member of the French foil team, who has a keen eye for top-level sports and competitions.

Everything from scenography to color schemes and window displays, the department store is right on track! Design has become a sports arena where aesthetics are just as important as functionality.

The ball's in your court!