Face winter with KUJTEN

January 27, 2023

KUJTEN, masters in the art of cashmere, will be taking pride of place at Samaritaine for the holiday season. Parisian audacity and Mongolian expertise are in the spotlight!

From November 3, 2033 to January 25, 2023, KUJTEN will be waiting for you at Samaritaine against a disco-themed Christmas backdrop sprinkled with stars, alongside a breathtaking view of the spectacular Christmas tree.

Dressed in KUJITEN'S durable casual luxury cashmere, our experts at Samaritaine have a whole festive line-up of things to spoil you with! Discover the art of personalized embroidery at events on December 10 and 11, and treat yourself to a gourmet break in the KUJTEN x DALLOYAU galette des rois-tasting session. It’s the season to indulge!

It's also the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a Samaritaine exclusive, such as the Brighty bag, the Cécilia sweater, the Hachi bandana or the Priya long vest - all available in this season's colors at Samaritaine.

Stay sophisticated (and cozy) this winter with KUJTEN and Samaritaine!

From November 3 through January 25
Pont-Neuf building, level -1