Paris Trompe-l'Oeil

September 8, 2023

From September 6 , Samaritaine is reimagining the department store to offer a unique, whimsical and avant-garde experience. With a helping hand from artificial intelligence, fantasy and surrealism are taking center stage!

For the start of the new season, Samaritaine is celebrating Surrealism — a 20th century artistic movement that aimed to unshackle the imagination. Drawing on dreams, the unconscious and the fantastical, the iconic artists of the surrealist movement opened the door to endless possibilities, worlds away from conventional thinking and in opposition to realism. Everyday objects become distorted, words take on new meanings and images intertwine to mystify the senses.

Samaritaine's "Paris Trompe-l'Oeil" theme pays tribute to this creative ethos, the ability to entertain the unexpected and warp perceptions. This fall, Samaritaine is reimagining the department store from a whole new angle with the help of artificial intelligence, a cutting-edge creative medium, to create a visual and immersive experience. The perfect blend of artistry and technology!

A Whimsical Campaign, Spied by Mischievous Eyes

See the architectural features become exaggerated or distorted, while the windows fix you with a mischievous gaze and the wrought-iron Eiffel decor is transformed to resemble a lush and verdant forest. The grand staircase plays with perspective and draws the eye, the better to baffle the senses, while some items seem to escape from the windows.

From iconic vintage items to unique artistic creations, Samaritaine's partners are inspiringly creative. Discover a designer selection from the Puces de Saint-Ouen antique market, in a pop-up sporting a surrealist backdrop and two works created for the occasion by artist Lise Stoufflet. These installations are part of this year's Paris Design Week.

Cast an eye toward the logo for this theme, dreamy blue wreathed with ivory clouds, or decipher the double meanings in the campaign film; a vivacious and elegant woman steps out on a conveyor belt, a stream of surrealist Parisian scenery designed by artificial intelligence scrolling behind her. What caught her eye? Why, Samaritaine's façade of course!

This fall, Samaritaine is stepping off the beaten path to create a fanciful and mind-bending vista!