Lights, Camera, Action

February 10, 2023

Samaritaine is giving you the opportunity to take center stage, bringing out your inner talent to create incredible memories. It's showtime!

For a few weeks, the Rivoli Photo Studio will be transformed into a festive paradise. The small Studio will be jam-packed with disco balls, neon lights, stars and ballet barres to bring you a bright backdrop bursting with inspiration.

From November 9 to 13, TikTok will also be taking over the space so you can capture and share your performances — all with just your phone. Watch the likes come flooding in!

Let yourself shine

Channel your inner Carla Ginola and try out all of our different backdrops. Don't forget to use the #SamaritaineParis hashtag to get involved with the latest TikTok dance challenge!

The Studio promises stunning results, where you're sure to be looking your best. Be a star for a day and let your fantasy and creativity run wild as you create fun choreography or strike a pose under the spotlight.

Alone or with friends, it's your time to shine!

From November 9, and in partnership with TikTok from November 9–13.
Rivoli building, 1st floor