Evolving Installation by Charlie Le Mindu

December 20, 2023

Hair artist Charlie Le Mindu, who has free rein at Samaritaine for the season, has created a gigantic, evolving artwork which puts hair and fur in the spotlight.

From February 15, 2023, Samaritaine's legendary staircase will, for the very first time, be taken over by an artist: Charlie Le Mindu. Known for his extravagant and explosive creations* for big names such as Lady Gaga and Rossy de Palma, Le Mindu is letting his imagination run wild at Samaritaine.

Kanekalon and natural fibers will transform the staircase into a monumental and unique artwork designed by the artist. An ever-evolving exhibition, this installation follows the natural course of time and the seasons — from the raw state of winter to the bloom of spring, finally ending with the harvest: "This work needed to evolve, and each phase had to represent the changes we see over the months as spring draws closer," explains Charlie Le Mindu. "It all starts with a lot of hair, fur and vegetable fibers, all loose and wild. Then colors, flowers and dried plants will be added, before I come to sculpt the work further. The installation will grow as elements are overlaid on each other. I want to bring an extreme yet very organic feel to Samaritaine!"

Experience textures that look sleek, tangled and tousled, yet always remain soft and natural – only at Samaritaine!

Stages of the installation: Nature's Raw State, from February 15 to March 14; In Bloom from March 15 to April 11; Taming Flyaways, from April 7 to April 27

*Piece made of artificial and vegetable fibres.

Pont-Neuf building